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Hold an Earth-happy party

by Penina

Celebrate & Party!

Give each guest a tree to plant as a parting gift.

I love a gift that keeps on giving. An Eco Party gives your guests a lesson for a lifetime. Here are some ideas. 

Send email invitations or use recycled card. 

Ask your guests to wear green. 

Use cool old plates. 

Use Earth-happy candles for lighting. 

Source green thrift shop party decorations. 

Buy all party food locally within 100 miles. 

Ask for BYO local organic beer and wine. 

Play relaxing Earth-happy music. Better still, play guitar or an instrument. Even better, invite a friend who plays an instrument. 

Place eco books on the coffee table. 

Make homemade chips and salsa! Yum! 

Use homemade dips, sauces and organic cheeses. 

Cook a vegan entrée or a vegetarian main using organic food. 

Use fairly traded coffee and Earth-made sweets (fruit!). 

Give each guest a tree to plant as a parting gift. Attach a recycled card to each gift. 

You can use this same idea for any occasion. How about planning an Eco Wedding or an Eco Christmas? 

Eco is a great theme for a party because you can go crazy with plants, flowers, leaves and that whole natural theme. 

You can use candles and say you are ’saving on electricity.’ 

Eco is also a great theme to get your guests talking.

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