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Reduce, reuse, recycle

by Penina

Remember the three RRRs

Wrap and old floral shirt or skirt around a canvas for instant art!

Here are some more quick suggestions, many of which you are probably already doing, to help further reduce your impact on the planet and the impact on your wallet!


Go loose, go raw, go natural, go in its skin. 

Go recyclable packaging, buy in bulk, go reusable storage containers and recycle your containers. 

Go canvas eco bags.

Go stretching out your week’s grocery list (try to make it two weeks). 

Consume less and halve your intake

Cull, clean out your cupboards and donate. 

Shave your expenses and keep shaving them to reduce your debt. 

Go cloth napkins over paper. 

Fill up existing jars and bottles with homemade products.  

Downsize your car.


Refill water bottles with tap water. 

Go reusable and rechargeable instead of disposable. 

Re-use containers to store nuts, bolts, pins, paperclips and pens. The list goes on! 

Save cereal boxes and make them into gift boxes for Christmas. 

Stick an eco card on them explaining what you’ve done. 

Give the gift of an eco lesson. 

Wrap an old floral shirt or skirt around a canvas. Instant art! 

Buy second-hand. 

Make Paper Mache sculptures out of old newspapers. 

Go for long-lasting products and quality products.


Aluminium cans, jars, bottles and plastic (with number 1 at the bottom). Call the council for info. 

Start a compost heap. 

Recycle your clothes. 

Make cushions out of old clothes. 

Take batteries to collection points. 

Recycle green waste (if your council collects) or drop to a collection point. 

Wrap kitchen waste in newspaper instead of plastic. (Thanks, Bev, for this great tip!)

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