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How to create your dream holiday at home

by Penina

I have a thing about bringing the world into my home, whether this involves cleaning my house like it is a hotel (using a trolley) or bringing inspirational places right into my living room in the form of art, books, music and knick-knacks. If you are renovating or just giving your home a quick spring makeover, why not bring your favourite holiday spot home? Read on to discover some cool tips for putting your home in holiday mode, whether you love a day at the beach, time in a movie theatre or a soak in a spa. Plus! Holidaying at home is so much cheaper than actually going on holiday!

Spa inspired bathroom

It is easy to turn your bathroom into a spa-inspired paradise! Just remove all the clutter, add some candles or essential oils and fold some white towels perfectly. If you have a bath in your bathroom enjoy the luxury of a delicious bubble bath. Lock the door, so the kids don’t wander in and you’ll achieve some nice relaxation for as long as your bath lasts. Also consider little treats like face masks for simply dyeing your hair and you’ll feel like you’ve made a trip to the hairdresser too!

Source: Pinterest

Balinese style backyard

Turn your backyard into a relaxing outdoor oasis by planting trees and flowers that emulate your favourite holiday destination. This is a cheap and easy way to brighten up the backyard and bring life to your home. Purchase weatherproof chairs and coffee tables and use lattice or pergolas as your backdrop. If you’re looking for a full range of premium-grade timber products, check out places like Thomsons Outdoor Pine for inspiration. Such stores are a one-stop shop for creating your ideal backyard holiday this summer. Also consider using old bricks or wood pallets for walkways, which can be an affordable solution. Gazebos and outdoor kitchens can also be great additions to the living space outside the walls of your home.

Source: Thomsons Outdoor Pine

French inspired country living room

Create a French inspired masterpiece by giving your walls a fresh coat of paint in light neutral color. Aside from making the space appear bigger and fresher, light painted walls can enrich different patterns and magnify colors that will be used throughout your living area. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Keep old furniture and combine with a few new small pieces such as pillows and candles. Choose vintage style curtain and rugs to add charm and character to the room. Complete the space by hanging old framed photos and paintings.

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Beach inspired bedroom

If you love the beach and would like to bring those gorgeous sunsets home, consider a beach themed bedroom. Digital prints and art have changed the way we can decorate because anything is possible. Consider palettes including blues, whites and beiges. Go for shades and textures that provide a cool and calming atmosphere. Dress your bed with layers of breezy linens and use bright pillows to accentuate your style. Finish the look with a casual wooden bedside table and beach-inspired décor pieces like shells, boat models and bottles with sand. Be confident with your choices and express yourself!

Source: Pinterest

Final thoughts

I do have a budget-conscious friend who tells me he simply sleeps up the other end of his bed to feel like he’s on holiday. Now there’s a cheap idea!

Got some great ideas for having a holiday at home? Share them in comments below.

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