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How to feel organised fast | 5 speedy tips for the home

by Penina

Do you need to learn how to feel organised fast? On the other hand, if you are rushing around trying to figure out how to feel organised you probably don’t have the time to work out how to get more organised – right? Don’t worry. I’ve got some fast tips that will give you more time and sanity! You’ll be sitting pretty on your sofa having a rest feeling a sense of peace, clarity and pride!

These are the kind of situations that make me feel out of control at home:

I feel out of control when my toddler tears through the house ripping towels out of cupboards and packets of pasta out of my pantry. Then someone decides to make cheese on toast in the kitchen and suddenly my beautiful sparkling kitchen is in disarray. After that I might walk through the house as i’m heading out to work and see clothes and shoes flung haphazardly about the place like a midnight party just ended. The list goes on. Don’t get me wrong. Kids can’t be kids without messing stuff up. I let them play and have fun but I have ammunition up my sleeve!
If I didn’t have my little speed cleaning trick, beds would remain unmade and everything would feel random and out of control despite my best efforts to keep things collected.

Feel organised fast with these 5 speedy tips for the home

This is my little regimen which I run around and do before heading off to work, or a weekend away, or any time I need to come back home and feel like there is an element of control in my world.

Tip 1 | Speed clean the kitchen

I’ve written an article about speed cleaning a kitchen in five minutes and when I implement the actions, my kitchen is sparkling again and fast! The basic premise is to group like items together on the bench and then put all those items away at once. E.g Group everything headed for the pantry together and then take all that stuff to the pantry. Job done!

Tip 2 | Tidy the living room

Need to know how to feel organised?  Clean the living areas of the home at lightening speed! Focus mainly on the kitchen, living room(s) and bathroom(s). These should be given a little attention in an overall home speed cleaning session. Keep a dump bucket in the living room for kids toys, fold blankets and pillows in a neat pile and pick up rubbish off the floor. Place ottomans back in their spots. It is a good idea to keep a number of baskets around. One for toys and the other designated for ‘stuff to go to other rooms.’ Also have a small waste paper bin handy for that rubbish.

Tip 3 | Place letters and bills in neat piles

Keep on top of the paper war with a few simple systems. I have a letter rack above my computer where I place bills and admin papers (things to do). Whenever I get the chance I pay the bills and deal with those niggly admin jobs so they don’t build up over time.

Tip 4 | Make beds

If you are short on time, just making beds makes a house look cleaner. As a minimum make beds and do the dishes. These two single actions will give you an overall feeling of being in control.

Tip 5 | Wipe down surfaces

I keep a little bottle of Eucalyptus Oil handy. When I want the feeling of a clean house I will add a few drops to warm soapy water and wipe over surfaces in the main living areas. This makes the whole house feel lovely and clean or gives the illusion of cleanliness anyway!

Want more ideas on how to feel organised and fast?

More tips on how to feel organised:  Speed clean a kitchen in five minutes!

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Jennifer June 5, 2013 - 12:25 am

Thanks so much for the tips! Awesome!

Jennifer June 5, 2013 - 12:25 am

Thanks so much for the tips! Awesome!


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