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There’s a visualisation theory that if you want to learn how to get rich you need to start acting like a rich person. Apparently, the law of attraction predicts that if you act rich for long enough, you will eventually morph into the rich person you are pretending to be. The irony is that if you are doing this, you are living like a rich person anyway, right?
Note: This article isn’t about being pretentious. It’s about having a bit of fun while you are learning how to get rich! Just thought I’d better clarify that one 🙂

How to get rich trick

One of my favourite tricks for feeling rich is drinking Champagne in Economy class. This trick has a some advantages. Firstly, drinking bubbly gives a girl a feeling of glamour. But Champagne also calms the nerves and is cheaper than a bottle of Rescue Remedy purchased in a random attack of flight-fright at the airport. Further, if the plane goes down, at least you had fun and felt rich when it happened!
Life is short – so enjoy yourself while you are learning how to get rich!
Depending on your definition of what rich is, many argue that being rich isn’t about money at all. You can get rich, be rich and feel rich from adventures that are not related to money. For example, hugs from my kids make me feel like the richest woman alive and they don’t cost anything, well in money terms anyway!

Tips for how to get rich like a Kardashian

Perhaps you fancy yourself as special as a Hilton or a Kardashian? Well that would involve a simple trip to Google Images or Pinterest to discover what these celebrities are wearing and how they are acting. You’ll find that they wear big sunnies, dangle designer handbags of their arms and walk with purpose – as if the world is watching.
Well, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that! Act as if the world is watching! Dangle a fake version of a designer handbag. Have fun with your adventure. Take a photo of yourself on the street or outside a designer store like a Louis Vuitton store and send the photo to Facebook. Take more pictures of yourself in exotic locations, wearing exotic clothes. Be your own paparazzi! Eventually people on Facebook will start commenting about how much you look like a celebrity.
There you go – you are an instant celebrity! Congrats. Who knows…your pic may even go viral! Stranger things have happened.

Life at the Langham on Fifth Avenue

Another way to be rich is to take a bubble bath. There are bubble baths around the world in five-star hotels. But you don’t need to book into the Langham on Fifth Avenue to get that fancy feeling of feeling fabulously rich. No. Simply go into your bathroom and pour yourself and deliciously hot bath. Now add bath salts and some bubble bath. Now strip off and sink in. Sink right under so your ears are under the water. Close your eyes and image you are at the Langham. Life is cheap if you have an amazing imagination! I am constantly in a Hotel in New York or a swim-up bar in Fiji whether I am in a bath or at the spa pool at the local recreation centre!
Life is too short to enjoy a hot bath anywhere other than where your imagination takes you!
For more fantastic ideas on how to how to get rich for cheap, get to work soaking up the great ideas in this cheat sheet which delivers fabulous ideas on how to feel rich and get rich fast!

How to get rich | 110 quirky ways to feel rich

Act like a celebrity

Walk with purpose. Wear big sunnies and dangle a handbag.

Be a philanthropist

Give to someone in greater need. This will make you feel richer than anyone.

Bling yourself

Wear cheap bling and feel glamorous on special nights out.

Bubble bath

Have a bubble bath. Light some candles in the bathroom. Enjoy Champagne.

Bunch of flowers

Send a bunch of flowers to yourself at work.

Burn candles

Burn scented candles at home for a little luxury.

Burn incense

Burn incense for a rich relaxation experience.

Buy an old boat

Buy an old boat and spend years fixing it up. Eventually you will sail it!

Buy cuff links

Cuff links are not expensive to buy but add class to a shirt for going out.

Café by the ocean

Seek out a café with a gorgeous view near the ocean.

Cake and tea

Go out for a perfect piece of cake and a cup of perfectly brewed tea. Lovely.

Celebrity fashion

See what the stars are wearing in magazines. Recreate the outfit from op shops.


At your next party create a Champagne fountain centrepiece.

Champagne flight

Drink Champagne in economy on a flight. This always makes me feel rich.

Chase oysters

At every opportunity gorge on oysters and scallops! Chase those waiting staff around at weddings.

Cheap massage

Massage your feet and body on the jets of a recreation centre spa.

Cheap pampering

Investigate beauty schools in your area and book in for some cheap pampering.

Cheap therapist

Talk to your dog or cat. You do not have to be rich to have a therapist.

Cheap Veuve

Aldi sell Veuve Sparkling Brut from the same region in France. Much cheaper!

Cheese fondue

Invest in a fondue set and make cheese fondue. Add white wine to the fondue.


Enjoy a few pieces of quality chocolate and a glass of wine.

Chocolate fondue

Make chocolate fondue with large oversized strawberries at your next party.

Cooking classes

Learn from chefs teaching cooking on YouTube. Learn the tricks of the masters.

Crackers and pate

Serve pâté and crackers at your next party or eat it alone.

Day at the beach

Bask in the sun. Visualise being at your dream destination.

Day at the races

Enter Fashions on the Field at the races. Win money and acclaim!

Delicious cupcakes

Make fluffy cupcakes. Put them in a nice box and deliver them to yourself.

Dine out

Go out to an expensive restaurant. Go for lunch instead of dinner.

Dream car

Put a fake emblem on the steering wheel of your car. Act like your fake Audi is real!

Dream out loud

Say ‘Just a sec. Just have to move the Audi (or name of your dream car).’ Visualise it.

Dress your best

Dress rich. Enjoy the pleasure of feeling and looking great. Accept compliments!

Drink Baileys

Sit by the fire and drink Baileys on the rocks.

Eat mud cake

Sit in the garden with a small fork and nibble away at a piece of mud cake. Drink tea.

Enjoy a fruit platter

Buy a nice selection of fruit and make a platter. Enjoy wine as you pick from the platter.

Enlist a Chauffeur

If you cannot afford a special birthday ask a friend to be your chauffeur.

Enlist a friend chef

Invite a friend chef to come early to all your parties. Bribe them with cocktails.

Exhibition opening

Go to an opening and meet artists. They will inspire you.

Fake a nose job

Use the beauty tips in the Savings Room to fake a nose job using bronzer!

Fake gold card

Visualisation. Keep a fake, cardboard gold card in your wallet.

Famous quotes

Learn quotes from famous writers and philosophers. Throw into conversation.

Fiji for free

In a spa close your eyes and imagine you are in Fiji. Smell that coconut oil.

Finance books

If you continually browse the finance sections of bookstores you will get richer.

Float on a Lilo

Float out on a lilo for ages. Order people around who are on land.

Florist visit

Visit a gorgeous florist shop. Pick a beautiful single flower for yourself.

Food festivals

Enjoy free wine and gourmet treats at wine and food festivals.

Free steam room

Add eucalyptus to the bottom of a hot shower for a free steam room.

Get a fake pool

Apply a digital print of an infinity pool overlooking the ocean on a backyard wall.

Get into first class

If you have any reason to ask for an upgrade, go for it! Try your luck.

Give to charity

You will feel richer giving your unwanted items to charity.

Go on a ferry ride

Going on a ferry ride is always cost-effective. Feel like you are really living the life!

Go out for brunch

Call friends and meet them for brunch.

Go sailing

Go sailing in a dingy on a river. This is still sailing. You will want a bigger boat!

Go shopping

Add items to your online shopping cart. Now abandon your cart. Great fun!

Go to the races

Going to the races is a great chance to dress up. Create a great Op shop outfit.

Go to weddings

Try to get invites to more weddings. Drink Champagne and eat canapés for free!

Go wine tasting

This is a great day out with friends and is a cheap way to enjoy wine!

High tea

Invite the girls over in summer for high tea in the garden. Wear hats and dresses.

Hire a limo instead

Hire a limousine back from the airport. Share with others to reduce costs.

Holiday reading

Read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne if you have not already. Ask for abundance.

Home as hotel

Invest in a hotel style trolley. Clean and set up your house like it is hotel.

Hotel luxury

Invest in a cheap yet luxurious feeling white robe and white slippers.

Invest in a Lilo

Float on a lilo in a pool or at the beach. Enjoy a beverage while you are out there.

Lavish parties

Throw creatively cheap and lavish parties. Add fairy floss, feathers and bling.

Learn etiquette

Learn all social etiquette rules. You do not have to be rich to be classy.

Listen to jazz music

Listen to jazz music in the evenings for relaxation. Enjoy a wine.

Listen to opera

Cook while drinking wine and listening to opera.

Listen to the classics

While lazing around on a Sunday afternoon, listen to classical music.

Luxurious lotions

Create and brand your own gorgeous lotions and beauty products.

Make fresh juice

Invest in a juicer and make freshly squeezed juices.

Make lemonade

If life gives you lemons, have your chef make you lemonade. Adopt this great saying!

Money magazines

Visit news agencies and libraries. Read money and finance magazines.

More lilo fun

Even if people call you in while you are out on your lilo, ignore them.

Name your home

Think up a rich sounding name for your home. Put a sign on your front fence.

Nice driving music

Listen to classical music while driving. Your cheap car will feel more expensive!

Nice perfume

A little spray of perfume always gives some instant luxury. Invest in one great scent.

Photoshop life

Photoshop yourself standing in front of your dream home or car. Pin up and visualise.

Pick from a platter

Platters are not expensive. Enjoy a simple blue cheese and cracker platter with wine.

Plan a great holiday

Plan the details of your dream holiday. Keep planning. Eventually you will go.

Play opera loud

Before heading out for your Saturday coffee listen to opera.

Pretty cocktails

Enjoy a lavish looking cocktail now and then. Treat yourself on a Friday night.

Private library

Set up a private library in your home or a book nook. Retire there in the evenings.

Quality coffee

Invest in a coffee machine. Enjoy espresso every day of the week on the cheap.

Read magazines

Casually flip through magazines as if you have all the time in the world.

Rent a huge home

Even if your rental is old and rundown, the space will make you feel richer. Pimp it!

Rich mansions

Driving around and looking at rich houses is great for visualising a richer future.

Room service

Order take out pizza and call it room service! Say ‘Let’s get room service tonight.’

Scotch on the rocks

Enjoy a scotch on the rocks near a fire. Discuss political matters with people.

Seaside cafes

Go to a café with a gorgeous view. Enjoy some quiet time.

Share a nanny

Get a bunch of friends together and share a nanny. Create your nanny group here.

Shop in rich areas

Buy handbags and designer outfits at Op shops in rich areas for dirt-cheap prices.

Sit in a pergola

Sit in a pergola in your garden, or at the park. Get away from it all.

Sit in hotel lobbies

Visit hotels. Have doors opened for you and sit in the foyer. Visualise the rich life.

Soak in a spa pool

Find a moment and visit a spa pool at a recreation centre near your home.

Stay in bed

Stay in bed all day in your pyjamas reading books and drinking tea.


Buy some strawberries.  Pop one into a glass of Champagne for a treat.

Stylish water bottle

Refill a stylish water bottle. Take it everywhere with you. Fiji water looks nice.

Swimming pools

If you do not have a swimming pool at home, visit public pools. Stay there all day.

Take up gardening

Invest in a small gardening set and some flower seeds. Watch your flowers grow.

Test drive a car

Dress up in an expensive looking suit. Test-drive your dream car.

Thank you notes

When someone does something nice for you, send a classy thank you note.


If you have a hedge, shape it into something. Topiary is great fun!

University lectures

Attend free lectures in the city. Learn important new theories. Meet people.

Visit a perfumery

Visit a perfumery. Enjoy an amazing treat for the senses.

Visit a ski town

Visit a ski town for the day. Go to a café and sit by a warm fire.

Visit a stylish café

Drive to a café in a rich area. Sit in rich environments. Get used to your future life!

Visualise Greece

Bask in the backyard and imagine you are on a Greek island.

Wear a fake Rolex

If you wear a fake Rolex you will eventually want to get a new one.

Wear tartan

Men. Just for fun wear tartan to parties. You will be a hit with the quirky-minded.

Weekend paper

Read the paper every weekend as part of your coffee routine.

Wine with dinner

Plan a gourmet meal and enjoy a red or white wine with dinner.

Need more great ideas on how to feel happy on a budget?

Read more and access over 6000+ saving tips as well as these happiness cheat sheets.

  • 135 wonderful ways to lift your mood instantly
  • 300+ simple ways to find happiness on a budget

Keep this list handy if you would like to enjoy a little luxury even though you are on a budget. Visualisation is a very effective tool for helping you reach your money goals.
Also be sure to check out my Pinterest Board on how to feel rich. My youtube video on How to feel rich, fake it and live a luxury life on the cheap. Also check out this website: FakingRich.com

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