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Depression | 135 ways to lift your mood instantly

by Penina

Depression is common in Australia. The White Cloud Foundation sites that one million Australians suffer from depression (one in seven people) and 2.3 million suffer from anxiety (one in four people).

Depression | A low mood is common

We all have days we wake up tired and low. You might have a touch of the flu or the prospect of the day ahead may feel overwhelming. You may want to rollover, sink your head back into the pillow and hope the day will just go away.  Further, it might be raining outside, there’s a traffic jam on the way to work. You might get caught at a red light, which causes you to be late for work – again! When you get there your boss is watching the clock.
Life can also throw us some curly ones at times. Just when you get on top of things financially, you might receive your car registration renewal in the mail with a traffic fine! There might be a variety of reasons for a low mood or no reason at all. Many people suffer from depression. For many Australians that cloudy feeling is sometimes hard to lift.

Depression | You are not alone

But don’t dismay because you are not alone in fighting depression. There are many people who woke up in a low mood today and there is a lot of help at hand. If you feel you need professional help be sure to contact organisations like The White Cloud Foundation, Lifeline or Beyond Blue. These organisations help thousands of Australians who suffer from depression and anxiety each year. If you think you might be suffering from depression or anxiety please seek professional help.
In the meantime if you want a few quick ways to feel a little brighter and happier pick something from this list. Access this list any time of the day via your phone and get some uplifting ideas to beat the blues.

135 ways to lift your mood instantly

Address issues

List issues. Write solutions. Deal with one each day. Seek help if needed.

Seek advice

Seeking help is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of true strength.

Avoid the phone

Lose the phone for a day. It is peaceful.

Bake goodies

Baking is a lovely way to spend the day. Bake cupcakes, muffins, cakes and bikkies.

Be more silly

Tell a joke to a friend. Make water balloons. Run under a sprinkler.

Breakfast in bed

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to enjoy breakfast in bed. Enjoy a break.

Bubble bath

Light a candle, turn lights out. Follow with a Camomile tea and early night.

Buy chocolate

Chocolate is a wonderful pleasure. Life is short. Live a little. Treat yourself.

Call people

Pick up the phone and call family and friends. Lift your mood with a nice conversation.

Change a habit

You only have to say no to your bad habit once, to get you on the path to changing it.

Change your diet

Check out my Super Foods cheat sheet. Eat food from this list and feel amazing.

Cheap manicure

Invite a friend over and give each other a manicure.

Choose a child a star

Search for it every night together. They will remember you by their special star.

Choose your star

Choose yourself a star. Now every time you look at it make a wish!

Clean the house

A cleaner house brings calm, clarity of mind and a feeling of being in control. Happiness!

Create a routine

If you are stuck in a rut, change your routine. E.g. Get up earlier in the quiet.


Create something right now. Get out a sketch pad and pen and invent something.

Cup of tea

Tea makes you stop for a moment and reflect. Quench your soul in a nice cuppa!

Delegate it

Being good at delegating is an excellent life skill. Thank people for their help always.

DIY facial

Learn how to give yourself a facial. Feel good and save money.
DIY manicure Purchase a cheap manicure set from a discount store and enjoy pampering at home.

DIY pedicure

You do not have to be Paris Hilton to sit in front of your telly and feel like a star.

Be silly

Go for a walk in the rain. Jump in some puddles. Roll around the living room with the kids.

Do something new

Get out of your comfort zone. For example, if you are not a gardener, get digging!

Do Yoga

Invest in a cheap DVD. Now you can have your Yoga teacher directly in your living room.

Donate your stuff

If you want an instant lift, grab a box or a bag, and start discarding your old stuff. Just let go.

Download new songs

If you are experiencing a low mood download some new songs.

Dress up today

Looking great makes you feel fabulous, more confident and happier!

Eat berries

Eat blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. You will feel berries after this!

Eat chocolate cake

Eat a big fat piece of chocolate cake. Add whipped cream and a cup of tea. Happiness.

Eat donuts

Donuts and coffee really make me feel good. Watching Coco eating a donut. Even better!

Eat ice-cream

Enjoy an ice-cream after a long work day. Works for me!

Eat grapes

Grapes are crispy and healthy little balls of happiness. Enjoy a grape or a bunch of them.

Eat marshmallows

If you have a fireplace keep marshmallows and skewers in the pantry for toasting.

Enjoy silence

Silence is wonderful. Enjoy quiet time without the TV or a stereo blaring.

Enrol in a course

You will get an instant lift due to the thought that life may take an interesting turn.

Foot spa

Op shops often sell foot spas for cheap prices. Grab one and indulge your feet.

Free community class

A class could change your life. Booking a class will also give you more to look forward to.

Free night out for friends

Give each other a manicure and save. Spend the money on a night out!

Full body moisturiser

Moisturise your entire body after exfoliation in a hot bath. Feel instantly wonderful.

Get up early

Enjoy quiet times in the morning when no-one is up. Set a nice precedent for the day ahead.

Give a present

Make a friend’s day and make yours. It feels good to give. Do not expect anything in return.

Give something

Commit a random act of kindness. Give flowers to a stranger. Light up their life!

Give something up

Give up a bad vice. This will instantly lift your mood, self-esteem and confidence.

Happy clothes

Throw out the ill-fitting clothes in your wardrobe. Get comfy.

Have a Champagne

Enjoy some relaxing music and a glass of Champagne.

Have a cook-free day

Have a night off cooking. Get cheap takeaway tonight!

Have a cook-up

Good if you need a lift on a Sunday if you are bit bored.

Hot oil treatment

Pamper yourself and instantly lift your mood.

Housework roster

Draw up a housework roster now. Feeling in control will lift your mood.

Ice-cream in bed

Make yourself an ice-cream in a cone and eat it in bed. You will feel silly and happy!

Join a club

Jump online and join a club now. Break out of your comfort zone.

Join a community

Hang out with like-minded people online gets you places. Nice.


Knitting is a quick fix instant feel-good hobby. Knitting is relaxing, cheap and productive!

Learn new stuff

Jump on YouTube and learn how to make something.

Light a candle

Light scented candles occasionally. These will make you feel happier.

Light incense

Burn some incense. The smell will improve your mood.

Listen to podcasts

Learn new stuff while being entertained. Sting your brain daily.

Listen to water

Listen to real water running, whether it is the rain, or a little fountain in your living room. Listen to water Download the sound of water. This is relaxing. Listen while working or resting.

Look for a matinee

Buy tickets to a local matinee as something nice to look forward to.

Make body butter

Make your own coconut body butter. Smooth it over your body after a hot bath.

Lose weight

Focus on health and happiness. Not looking like a stick. You can still eat chocolate!

Make a video

Make a how-to YouTube video and share it in the Savings Room!

Make a new friend

Make friends here at the Savings Room. Watch your world blossom and expand!
Make a speech
Make a speech to a fake crowd. You will laugh at yourself while practising a great skill!

Make caramel

Make caramel square just so you can lick the bowl. Yum.


Give yourself a makeover. Take glamour shots and post your photos on Facebook!

Make pavlova

Make pavlova and serve it up as dessert for the family. Get more hugs.

Make rum balls

Make rum balls for no reason. Devour one, with morning tea, every day this week!

Martial arts

Jump online and learn martial arts moves. Feel instantly powerful and happier.

Master music

Take lessons. This is a great way to feel good everyday. Live music is uplifting.


Find a quiet time in the day to mediate. Calm your inner voice. Centre yourself.

Mentor someone

Do you know of someone who is in a position you once were in? Call and help them.

No housework day

Sloth it up all day and avoid housework. Watch chick flicks and eat ice-cream in your PJs.

Old friends

Call an old friend and have a laugh. This is an instant mood lifter.

Organise a night out

Just knowing you have a night out to look forward is an instant mood enhancer!

Paint a canvas

Chip away at a painting as time goes on. Painting is relaxing, creative and mood lifting!

Play an instrument

Go a piano, guitar or violin lying about the house? Revive your love for your instrument!

Pick from a platter

Indulge in a platter of cheese and crackers. It does not matter if you are not at a party.

Plan a trip

Jump online and start planning a fantastic trip. Try something new like a cruise!

Plan each weekend

Factor in some you time, we time and everyone in between time. Create great memories.

Plan holidays

Plan school holidays ahead of time. Get the most out of your precious time with the kids.

Plan a dream home

Keep a sketchbook where you can scribble down your dream home wish list.

Plant a tree

Plant your tree and watch it grow. This will brighten your day, every day, for many days.

Plant flowers

Plant a flowerbed outside your bedroom or kitchen window.

Play board games

Board games bring back the child in you. Playing with kids, even better! Happy faces!

Play music loud

Pick your favourite album of all time and now turn it up loud. Feel better?

Play old tracks

If you cannot afford to buy new music simply pull out some old tracks you forgot about.

Read a great book

Step inside someone else’s shoes for the week. Take a soak in their stories and words.

Read happy blogs

Subscribe to uplifting blogs and receive happiness every day!

Rearrange furniture

Move furniture around and go on holiday at home! Change the dynamic. Mix it up.

Relax near a fire

Collect firewood. Have a fire in the evening. Enjoy a nice glass of red.

Relax in the sun

Go outside and sit on a chair. Let your face soak up the sun for ten minutes today.

Rent movies

Next time you are doing your groceries grab some cheap movies from a movie machine.

Replace bad habits

Replace a bad habit with a good one. For example, replace coffee with green tea.

Revamp your house

Revamp a room in your home to look just like a room in a magazine. Use Op shop finds.

Reward yourself

Give yourself a reward every day. This might be a nice piece of cake or a DIY foot spa.

Rose gardens

If you live near a rose garden go and smell the roses, literally! Take gorgeous photos.

Russian fudge

Make Russian fudge and devour it without guilt or reservation. Life is short.

Say no

It is ok to say no. Practice makes perfect. Say no if this brings you freedom and happiness.

Say yes more often

The next time someone asks you out for coffee say yes. Enjoy a chat with a friend.

Scan old pictures

Look at your old self and get grounded. Make a movie out of the photos to music.

Schoolyard friends

When picking up the kids go a little bit earlier. Have a chat an uplifting chat in the yard.

Send a postcard

Send a postcard from your home town. Giggle to yourself and give a friend a laugh.

Shop online

If funds are limited shop online and then abandon your cart. It still feels good to shop!

Sing sing, sing, sing

Need I say more.

Sleep sleep, sleep, sleep

It is the best stress reliever and way to rejuvenate.

Sleep in

Grab any opportunity to sleep in. Lie there, because you can!

Smile anyway

Smiling improves your mood. Smile for an entire minute now. Feeling happier?

Solve a problem

Pretend you are a Dear Abbey columnist. How would you answer the problem?


Venture outside, sit on a chair, and watch the stars.

Start a blog

Blogs are fun! Start one today right here in the Savings Room.

Start a garden

All great gardens start with one flower or one plant. So plant one and then add to it.

Strawberry donuts

Next time you are at the shops grab a packet of strawberry donuts. Enjoy with a cuppa!

Study a new subject

Learning new stuff will lift your mood and you will get smarter and smarter!

Switch genres

Comedies are mindless and a great way to relax and unwind.

Tahitian dancing

Jump on YouTube and learn a Tahitian dance! Show off your skills at your next party!

Take a nana nap

If feeling low you might just be tired. Grab a nice cosy blanket and have a nap.

Take glamour shots

Take some photos of yourself after a quick makeover and post them on your profile page!

Take the dog out

Take the dog for a walk. There is happiness in that wagging tail!

Talk to neighbours

People love a chat while they can be nosey at the same time. Stick your head over the fence.

Talk back radio

Talk back radio is fascinating. Listen to interesting stories today.

Tell a child a story

Children love an amazing and magical story. Watch their face light up.

TV in bed

If you have a TV in your bedroom go to bed early and watch your favourite show.

Walk with a child

Children will tell you all kinds of weird and wonderful stories on a walk. Instant happiness!

Warm shower

Take a warm shower. Let the water heal your bones. You will feel better.

Wear bright colours

For an even better mood, wear a bright colour. Brighten your mood and someone else’s!

Wear perfume

The smell of perfume is always uplifting. Spritz yourself and then waft past someone!

Wear pink

If you never wear pink, wear pink. It will give you a new outlook for the day.

Work out

Exercise, exercise, exercise. It will change your whole personality and for the better!

Write a book

One book can change your life. Writing a book can change many lives. Write for happiness.

Write a poem

Start writing small poems. They are fun to write and might lead to bigger adventures!

Your ideal life

Walk around every day as if you are already living your ideal life. Now you are!

YouTube videos

Watch superhero auditions. Totally mindless. Totally hilarious.


Challenge yourself. Visit 43things.com and list things you would like to do in life.

Want more tips on how to lift the cloud of depression and feel happy everyday?

Read more and access over 6000+ tips for saving just about anything!

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