How to make money with super right now

How to make more money with super right now

Whatever your profession keeping current in your own special field can be a real effort. Read on to discover how to sort your super and how to make money doing so.

You may not ponder these questions right now:

  1. What happens to your superannuation and retirement plan while you’re off working?
  2. How can you keep track when you’re busy doing what you do?
  3. Have you forgotten about your super and is it hidden in some dusty folder in the filing cabinet?
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Have you forgotten or lost your super?

Perhaps you are among the millions who hope superannuation will reappear when you retire.

How to make money using super right now

1. Things have changed

Thanks to government changes it is now super easy to find your super and get those accounts in order.

2. What happened in the past

To prevent conflicts of interest, super providers made general asset class recommendations only.

3. What’s happening now

Regulations now allow financial service companies to hire independent, third-party financial services. They do so to manage individual investor accounts.

What this means and how to make money:

  1. Money in a superannuation fund will be allocated to funds in a person’s existing plan
  2. The money will rebalance and adjust over time to meet changing life circumstances
  3. Just putting $10 extra into super each month now could amount to an extra $150,000 in your super fund in 20 years!

These funds are catching on and people are realising how to make money using a smarter fund.

Learn more about how to find and manage your super better

A major reason for growth in the industry is:

  1. Many employees don’t know how to manage their super funds
  2. Many don’t make changes to their funds for years
  3. Studies have found that many employees aren’t aggressive enough with their investments
  4. Others have taken on too much risk

If you want to learn how to make money do this

Learn more about how you can manage your super fund better. You won’t regret this.

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