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5 simple ways to slash your home expenses

by Penina

Home expenses are pretty shocking right now. I’m sure many Australian householders would agree. If you are shocked by the bills flying through the mail, read on to discover 5 easy ways to cut your household expenses today.

1. Recycle junk mail

Each month, you receive dozens of junk mail letters and pamphlets in the mail. Some of these letters are printed on one side only. Collect these letters and staple them together and turn them into a notepad. You can also use them to print draft documents. You’ll save both money and trees!

2. Install a water saving toilet

Flushing toilets wastes water, period. Install a water saving device (the ones that do the half-flush) and you’ll drastically reduce your quarterly water bill.

3. Use a fan in summer

Turn on a fan instead of an air conditioner. Air conditioners are expensive to run and will greatly increase your electricity bill. By using a fan you will not only save on electricity, but you’ll also build up your body’s tolerance to heat! Your chances of overheating on a hot summer’s day will be greatly reduced.

4. Don’t throw away old bars of soap

If your household uses soap on a daily basis, the bar will become smaller and smaller until it is almost unusable. Instead of throwing the soap away, simply stick the old bar of soap onto the top of the new one. Just make sure both of them are wet when sticking them together.

5. Cut your toothpaste tubes in half

When you can no longer squeeze out any toothpaste from the tubes, just cut them in half. You’ll get a few more days use out of the tube. If you live alone or with your spouse only, the extra toothpaste will last up to five days more.
Start cultivating these useful habits today and make them a part of your daily life. You will be pleasantly surprised when you notice your household expenses reduce over time.
Got some savvy little tips for reducing costs around the home? Leave them in comments below.

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