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How to save money on food | When not to shop for groceries

by Penina

If you are wondering how to save money on food look outside the supermarket square! Popping into a supermarket after fighting rush hour for a convenience dinner or shopping just before dinner when you could crunch down an entire bag of BBQ Crinkle Cut chips on the way home, are easy ways to induce a frown at the checkout. No. It’s much wiser to look at the practical reasons why you keeping handing over your hard-earned cash to that ever-so-lovely and rather cheeky checkout chick. She doesn’t give a stuff about how much your spending. Really…

Skip traffic, food and arguments

At rush hour

Do not shop after work at rush hour and when tired. You will make less focused decisions in a crowded store. Prices do not get marked down at rush hour.

When hungry

Do not shop after work before dinner. You will buy more because you are hungry. Generally, always have a snack before shopping. Keep some snacks in your bag in car in case you forgot to eat before leaving.

When upset

Do not shop when angry or upset. For example, if you just had a fight with your partner. You will throw random items in the trolley!

Ditch the kids and your phone

With the kids

Never shop with the kids. They will nag you to buy expensive grocery items geared at children (supermarkets marketing again!) and you will also be too frazzled to make good decisions and choices. You may also buy comfort snacks and items as therapy!

While talking on the phone

Strategic supermarket shopping requires your full attention. Do not text message, call people or play games on your phone while navigating a store. You will make wrong decisions that cost you money. This will also make a very expensive phone call! At the very least, screen your calls.

Beware marketing generally

Supermarkets gear all there marketing to tired and hungry hard working people. Be aware. Be paranoid! Save money!

Need more great tips for saving money on food?

If you need more ways to save money at the supermarket download money saving cheat sheets and printables! Use up leftovers, create quick and easy meals, find healthy budget lunch and dinner ideas!

Printables for creating budget meals and weekly menu planning

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