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Grocery shopping tips | When to shop at the supermarket

by Penina

Grocery shopping is fun when saving money is an obsession and goal.  It’s heartwarming sneaking around a supermarket.  Checking labels, prices and specials is worthwhile when you know the end result is save-licious cash! More grocery savings means more money towards a deluxe kitchen for a renovation project, a holiday in an exotic location or an eye-poppingly groovy pair of sneakers for Bobby’s next birthday.

Get organised, ask and create a grocery run

Organisation is key

Organise yourself to shop at the right times. Be strategic. Discover the quieter shopping times so you can be more focused.

Ask staff

Go to the service counter and interview staff about the best grocery shopping times for bargains. Ask supermarket staff what days and times of the day products are discounted. Take notes if you must. Now shop at times when prices are slashed for this particular store. Do not worry about embarrassing yourself. Each question you ask is worth money! Think of each question as one hour at work.

Take note

If you see items marked down while at the supermarket record the time of day on your mobile phone notepad. Set an alert on your phone to shop at that time again.

Create a grocery run

Now that you know the best grocery shopping times for all stores in your area create a foolproof grocery run using these discount stores. Create the grocery run according to the best shopping times.

Emotional state

Shop in a good emotional state when feeling calm, focused and relaxed. Shop when you are alert and shop on a full stomach.

Punch it in

Shop with your phone. Use it as your calculator and access it for budgets if you use an app for this purpose. Keep shopping lists via apps on your phone also. Table Tucker makes this super easy! No calculating, budgeting and shopping lists to do! You will always come within budget using a Table Tuckershopping list. They are calculated down to the dollar.

Shop alone

Shop when the children are not with you. Plan shopping when they are at school or when you can slip away from the house easily.

Time grocery shopping right and experiment!

Some good times to shop

  1. Early in the morning or before work.
  2. Shop before work to free up evenings and because you are alert at this time of day. You will make good decisions.
  3. Shop before work because it is less crowded.
  4. Shop later in the evening
  5. Buy fruit and veg at the end of a day.
  6. Pop down to the shops after dinner to grab bargains.
  7. Shop after you have eaten dinner when you are not hungry.
  8. For the best discounts shop later than 6pm.
  9. Shop before the eve of a holiday. For example, shop on Christmas Eve. Prices are heavily reduced a few hours before closing time.
  10. Shop on a Sunday morning when you are alert, rested and when stores are less crowded.
  11. Shop online with a list while watching telly. This saves precious time, money and also petrol costs.

Conduct shopping experiments

Experiment by grocery shopping at different times of the day to discover better prices. Conduct experiments! These can be fun! Shop weekly, fortnightly and monthly. Keep receipts and see which times, products and strategic discoveries produce the bigger savings.

Need more fabulous cash-earning grocery shopping tips?

If you need more ways to save money at the supermarket download money saving cheat sheets and printables! Use up leftovers, create quick and easy meals, find healthy budget lunch and dinner ideas!

Printables for creating budget meals and weekly menu planning

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