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Investment property | 4 savvy ways to increase property value

by Penina

Everybody loves a money-giving investment property. We’re renovating at the moment and we’ve got perfect little downlight-ready holes all over the ceiling. As the frugal mum I am, I got a great deal on downlights and I’m loving the savings adventure I’m on in terms of scoring stuff for our home-to-be at highly cost-effective prices. Yes-the cheapest prices ever! But. And trust me, there is always a ‘but’ when it comes to renovating. Even though my beautiful downlights have arrived in a perfectly presented box, the vendor has sent me the wrong ones! They are not the more-white looking silver he promised, but rather a very shiny silver. Hmmm….
So I’m tip-toeing around the house in almost here winter in Melbourne because the plasterer (our wonderful friend) isn’t quite finished anyway, I live with the painter (who is eager to paint but can’t yet) and the lights now have to be returned. Then there’s the insulation to go in, which we aren’t doing until the lights happen – blah, blah, blah….
Just give me heat people. I’m cold 🙂

Oh! The joys of home renovation!

So the reason nice well-meaning mums like me make such sacrifices (don’t worry – I have purchased super-warm blankets for everyone!) is that when it comes time to sell your home or investment property, we (and most savvy investors) want to get the best possible price for it. We certainly don’t want to over-capitalize so we are shaving down expenses wherever we can, just in case, after the renovation is finished, we decide to sell our dream home.
Note: I’m definitely living in it and enjoying for a couple of years first. Though it is tempting to subdivide a.s.a.p, sell up, and get closer to mortgage-free-me – mmmm…..

Here are 4 easy ways you can increase home or investment property value in time for auction day

As for other homeowners many fail to acknowledge that a little time and effort spent in sprucing up the home before it hits the auction can pay massive dividends in the end. And that’s unfortunate. Luckily, it’s not that hard to increase the value of your property: as long as you’re willing to make a little investment in time and money. Here are 4 easy ways that will nudge your property into a higher pricing bracket that won’t break the bank, nor take weeks to complete.

1. Landscape front and backyards

It’s a proven fact that home buyers love well-designed and maintained front and backyards when on the hunt for their perfect home. Not only is it appealing to look at, but it means that prospective buyers won’t have to spend time and money fixing up the yards themselves. So when it comes time to sell your beloved property, cater to these whims, and invest in some beautiful landscaping around your home.
You may want to hire a landscape gardener to design and build your perfect backyard retreat, and if that’s the case, make sure you look at their portfolio of past work. If you choose to do the project yourself, and save some money along the way, then at least consult a few landscape design books and speak to some knowledgeable friends and family. Then, when it’s time to implement your design, make sure you hire safe and reliable equipment such as those offered by Mabey Hire Australia. Great equipment really does go a long way in helping your landscape design dreams become a firm reality. Once the project is over, you can be rest assured that the value of your property just went up a notch or two.

2. Upgrade the kitchen

If your kitchen is more than 10 years old and looking a little dated, it may be high time to take to it with a sledge hammer and replace it with a fresh, modern design. New kitchens can significantly increase the value of your property, and are one of the first things prospective buyers look for when scouting for new homes. Everything from new appliances, new granite countertops, and new cabinetry can really make your home shine inside. So what are you waiting for? Go and visit some kitchen showrooms, grab some brochures, and decide on the perfect value increasing kitchen for your new home today.

3. Upgrade flooring

Along with upgrading your kitchen (see above) another wise investment decision is to upgrade the flooring of your home. If you don’t already have polished hardwood flooring in your house, then this may be the time to do it. Studies have shown that buyers prefer wooden flooring to carpet as they’re more aesthetically pleasing and easier to maintain. So contact a few flooring companies and compare quotes. Once the new flooring is in place, the value of your property will increase, helping you get a better price come auction day.

4. Make your home more energy efficient

These days, more and more Australians are becoming eco-friendly, and changing what they eat, consume, and – increasingly – how they live, in a bid to ensure a more sustainable future. If you want your home to appeal to this ever growing contingent of Aussie home buyers, then making your home as energy efficient as possible is a wise investment decision. Fit your home with energy efficient appliances (such as dishwashers and washing machines), swap your incandescent light bulbs for the fluorescent variety, and use as much re-usable/recyclable material in your home as possible. Making these changes to your home will increase its attractiveness to green home buyers, and increase it’s market value at the same time. Now that’s a double win right there.
What other ways are there that can increase the value of a property? Please leave you comments below and contribute to the discussion.

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