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Less Is More: Minimalist Homes Save Sanity & Money

by Penina

Minimalist style has grown in popularity over the years. Crisp, white space creates a feeling of instant clarity in a home. In terms of feng-shui, minimalism is a go-er. But, have you thought about the awesome money-saving benefits? This is a win-win!
Here’s my thinking:

  • Basic minimalist rooms have barely anything in them
  • You’ll save big on furniture in every room of the house
  • People will think you are super clean and organised
  • You’ll feel a sense of sanity and calm all year round
  • You’ll save money if you keep this style longterm

Tip: Minimalism involves taking one or two statement pieces and making them work.
If you want to make your home look beautiful on a budget, minimalism might be the way forward.
Read on to discover how to really get this style right and pull off the perfect minimalist home. 

How to save sanity & money by creating the perfect minimalist home

Declutter: Sell what you don’t need

Minimalism has many money saving benefits, but here’s the even better news!
You can also make money as a minimalist!

  1. Clean out every room in the house and remove unwanted items
  2. Be brutal when deciding what you’re going to get rid of
  3. Remove trinkets and clunky old items that have no place in a modern minimalist space
  4. Keep one or two ornaments at most.
  5. Sell the rest online and make money while you declutter

Tip: Decluttering is not only good for your wallet. You’ll feel a total sense of calm, relaxation and clarity afterwards. Celebrate! By popping that money into savings. 

Re-Use Or Remodel Old Furniture

To keep your minimalist transition cheap, reuse old furniture instead of buying new pieces. There’s plenty you can do to enhance the style of your faithful old couch.
Remember: Less is more. Give it a good clean, remove old cushions and give the ole’ darling a revamp. 

Pexels / Pixabay


Look at Decor

Once you have the furniture under control, look at decor. Remember that you need to neutralise the look of the room. Floral wall designs or bright colours are not what minimalist spaces are all about. Whites and greys are popular and they look amazing.

Pexels / Pixabay


Think about flooring too. Wooden floors are great for creating the spacious feel minimalist rooms require. Beware though. Wooden flooring can by pricey. Look at cheaper options, like quality discount timber. There will still be a cost, but you’ll save big this way.
Tip: Consider saving up the money you made decluttering and selling your stuff! This way, the decoration will pay for itself.
And don’t we all love a win-win?

midascode / Pixabay

Keep It Clean

Remember that minimalist spaces need to stay and look clean.  Make sure you have enough storage in the room to store items away. Clean daily and put everything back in its spot. Keep the clutter at bay and you’ll enjoy the whole point of your new minimalist home. 
Happy decluttering!

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