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Local attractions | 50 things to do in your community at Xmas

by Penina

Local attractions are always more fun when they are affordable! If the kids are driving you a little crazy or if you want to treat a guest in your home to a day trip, stick this cheat sheet on the fridge over Christmas for a quick guide or access it on your mobile device. With this cheat sheet, you’ll have the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that what you are enjoying isn’t breaking the bank.

Here’s my big list of things to do in your community this Christmas to keep the boredom at bay.

50 things to do in your community at Xmas

Local attractions in your community

  1. Borrow Christmas books and DVDs at the library
  2. Browse some arcades
  3. Check out local events
  4. Clean the car
  5. Donate presents
  6. Drive and watch the Christmas lights
  7. Feed the ducks
  8. Get a baby-sitter and have a night out
  9. Give blood

Go for it!

  1. Go for a run
  2. Go for a walk alone
  3. Go for a bike ride
  4. Go Op shopping
  5. Go out for a family meal
  6. Go out for a meal with friends
  7. Go out for coffee
  8. Go to restaurants with free meals for kids
  9. Go swimming
  10. Go to a local sports match
  11. Go to church Christmas events
  12. Go to some garage sales
  13. Have a picnic
  14. Have some drinks at the pub
  15. Hunt down some live music

Play somewhere

  1. Play basketball
  2. Play in the park
  3. Play on a whizzy dizzy
  4. Play soccer at the park
  5. Post letters
  6. Rent some movies
  7. Rescue a pet at the RSPCA
  8. Sell lemonade with a child
  9. Send a postcard at the Post Office
  10. Sing at a church
  11. Surprise a friend
  12. Take a cake to the neighbours
  13. Take a long walk
  14. Take photos around the neighbourhood
  15. Take the kids to a play café
  16. Test drive your dream car

Visit, walk and watch

  1. Visit a community garden
  2. Visit a local market
  3. Visit relatives
  4. Visit your dream home
  5. Volunteer
  6. Walk the dog
  7. Walk to a local mall
  8. Watch a sunrise
  9. Watch a sunset
  10. Watch the Christmas lights

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