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Holiday Ideas – 45 things to do in your region this Christmas

by Penina

A vacation can be tedious without a fabulous quick list of things to do. If you were so busy organising Christmas you may now you might be stumped for ideas on how to keep those guests occupied.  There are plenty of activities for keeping yourself sane as well as those guests busy so a good time is had by all. Perhaps you are stuck inside with guests? Or you are just not sure what to do next? Grab quick ideas with this Savings Room cheat sheet!This sheet will give you ideas on things to do in your region.

Tips for things to do this upcoming vacation period

Jump online and check out regional events in your area. Do this ahead of time to woo your guests with what’s special about your region! Be sure to browse shopping centres straight after Christmas and grab those bargains for next year! Pack up the car and go camping in your region. But book well ahead of time to get the best prices and deals. Take advantage of deals throughout the year on sites like Groupon. They offer amazing deals on accommodation and flights overseas.
Perhaps you love a train adventure? Pack a backpack and pack up the kids for a day trip to a regional location. You could take up fishing and take a simple trip to your nearest pier. Spend the day teaching your child to fish. If your region has a river, hire a boat or a dingy and go on a cruise. Get dressed up and plan a photo shoot! Take some beautiful photos of the family. Visit local scenic spots in your area.
Make your next Christmas holiday break a warm, fuzzy and a memorable one. Access on your mobile or stick this cheat sheet on the fridge for a quick reference guide for cheap things to do in your region this Christmas.
Venture out and seize the day!

Vacation ideas | 45 things to do in your region this Christmas

Fight boring this Christmas vacation

  1. Attend regional holiday events
  2. Browse regional shopping centres
  3. Get on a plane and travel

Venture into the great outdoors

  1. Go camping
  2. Go fishing
  3. Go hiking
  4. Go on a cheap train adventure
  5. Go on a cruise
  6. Go on a great day trip
  7. Go on a photo shoot
  8. Go to a festival
  9. Go to a regional Expo
  10. Go to the theatre
  11. Go to an amusement park
  12. Go to carols by candlelight
  13. Go wine tasting
  14. Have fun at an aquatic park

Relax! You are on vacation!

  1. Hire a canoe or kayak
  2. Hire a dingy on a river
  3. Laugh at a circus
  4. Organise a group bike ride out of town
  5. Relax at a beach
  6. Ride some well-known bike trails
  7. See your city’s Christmas windows
  8. Shop in the city
  9. Stay in a motel overnight
  10. Take an unplanned adventure
  11. Take the family to a famous zoo
  12. Take up bowling
  13. Try mini golf
  14. Visit friends and stay overnight
  15. Visit a gallery
  16. Visit a maze
  17. Visit an animal sanctuary
  18. Visit an aquarium
  19. Visit an army base
  20. Visit five tourist attractions
  21. Visit regional country areas
  22. Visit a tall building with views
  23. Visit well known scenic locations
  24. Watch a fireworks display


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