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Lunch ideas | Ways to save on bread

by Penina

If you are looking for lunch ideas, you may firstly want to read these quick tips on how to save on bread. Every time I buy a loaf of bread at the bakery I stop to ponder the price. I have noticed that the cost of buying fresh bakery bread has risen quite considerably. I have investigated making my own bread to save money but, as a busy working mum, I decided the cost, time and effort involved in making bread would not be worth my while. Though I did imagine this would be a delicious weekend experience in the kitchen!
After ruling out making my own bread I had to come up with a compromise. I wanted to save money on this everyday item without compromising on my family’s daily bread experience and happiness!

This is what I am now doing to save on bread

  • Biggest tip: Buy bread at the end of the day at your local bakery
  • Purchase one bakery loaf for hubby who loves eating fresh ham and lettuce sandwiches daily
  • Purchase bulk sandwich loaves at $1 each for the kids. Make and freeze sandwiches immediately after purchasing the $1 loaves.

Lunch ideas – Here are some more ways to save

  • Freeze bread immediately after purchase to keep it fresh
  • Defrost bread in the microwave before use
  • Do not freeze bread if it will be consumed that day
  • I don’t each much bread so I just toast up the $1 sandwich loaf slices or I keep a fruit loaf in the freezer for a sweet treat
  • Make sure you always use up bread leftovers by making them into breadcrumbs or toasting up those little crusts left at the bottom of the bag

Finally, beware of marketing tricks for putting your lunch ideas into practice

I have also noticed that bakery departments in supermarkets have started cutting their sandwich loaves thicker. This could be a trick so consumers will eat up their sandwich loaves more quickly. Next time you purchase a sandwich loaf at the supermarket check that its thickness does not resemble a toast loaf. If it does, consider finding an alternative brand.

Consider your situation when thinking up lunch ideas

If you want to save money on bread be sure to consider your family’s situation. Consider who eats bread in the home and for what purpose. For example, if you only toast bread you do not require ultra fresh bakery loaves. Also, don’t purchase expensive bread unnecessarily. Read labels and compare fibre and carb content. Sometimes cheaper brands are just as good.

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