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Organic food | 3 reasons to buy fruit and veg in season

by Penina

I love organic food. There is nothing better than a great tasting organic tomato. Wouldn’t you agree? For taste alone it just makes sense to buy fruit and vegetables in season. But there are a number of even better money saving reasons to buy organic food in season which I want to share with you.

Let’s take a recipe including the humble avocado

One of these delicious natural wonders will set you back say 0.99 cents when it is in season. Now purchase the same avocado out of season and you will be paying up to $2.99 for the same taste sensation. Except an out-of-season avocado will probably taste different. That’s because it has been grown and stored in a manner that is less natural. Organic food sure tastes better.

So here are some money saving facts you should know about organic food

  • Fruit and vegetables that are purchased out of season are much more expensive
  • Vegetables purchased in season are fresher and not kept in storage for too long.
  • In-season fruit and vegetables can be purchased for a much lower price

Great! But you might now ask the following question:
How am I going to get organised with such a busy week ahead?
There are kids’ bags to pack, there’s laundry to do or you might have to catch up on that assignment that’s been plaguing you.

Challenges for buying fruits and vegetables in season

  • Exactly which fruit and vegetables are in season
  • Sit down and sift through recipes that might include those ingredients
  • Write out a shopping list for the recipes you have chosen
  • Go shopping for the ingredients for those recipes hoping that the other ingredients in the recipes aren’t going to rack up too much on the grocery bill at the checkout

Do you really have that kind of time?
I know I would rather be doing something more pressing!

The solution?

I am happy to report there is a time and money-saving solution to this grocery dilemma!
Read more about how Table Tucker can help you save on fruit and vegetables. Save time, money and sanity and put your feet up four nights each week!

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