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Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed for Under $10

by Penina

I’m cooking pancakes for Mothers Day using IGA’s fabulous Sticky Apple Pancake recipe. Read on to grab this recipe and also discover why I’m ordering pancakes this year for my Mother’s Day breakfast!

Awesome Sticky Apple Pancake recipe for under $10

Here’s a delicious recipe for pancakes sent to me by my friends over at IGA.
They’ve create a wonderful money saving option for Mother’s Day breakfast in bed with its Sticky Apple Pancake recipe, which tastes great and comes in well under under $10. They’ve also teamed up with current Australian Father of the Year and sportsman, Andrew Gaze to offer tips for dads to pull off a great day without breaking the bank! Visit IGA’s Mother’s Day Page for great recipes, tips and gift inspiration.

Recipe | Sticky Apple Pancake


  • Maple Syrup – $3.22
  • Pancake shake – $2.90
  • 2 red apples approx – $1.10
  • 1 x snack pack sultanas – $0.52

Total: $7.74
Breakfast in Bed Under $10

Why I’m ordering pancakes this year

My kids love pancakes. In the restaurant that is my kitchen, I take orders many mornings of the week for pancakes. Some days the ever-doting waitress (me) is willing to oblige, because a good pancake always makes my heart sing a little ditty. Add some jam and cream to that scenario and I’m a heel-clicking broke-her-diet-but-doesn’t-care happy mum!
Then I get big points from the kids. They love me more when I make pancakes and I get a more lucrative daily pay packet (more cuddles!) – Yey!
But other days, I’m like – “Ye know what kids? It’s toast for everyone!” Because many a day, life happens to me and my super mum goals go out the window with the smoke from burnt toast. Check out my post: Are you a super housewife for a full brief on mornings at my house.
Anyway, Mothers Day is coming up and I’ve started putting my orders in, to the restaurant (my kitchen), which I shall relinquish to four little hands (aged 4 and 10) this coming Sunday morning.
And this year my order will be pancakes, but not for the lip-licking jam-and-dollop-of-cream-on-top reasons you might think.
Read on to discover why I’m ordering pancakes this Sunday morning.

Traveling well so far in terms of the budget

So far (Friday before Mothers Day) I’ve done pretty well in terms of presents and I’m happy to report that I have received the following at minimum cost to the family budget:

  1. 1 x handmade necklace from my four year old
  2. 1 x pamper treatment at kinder
  3. 1 x afternoon tea at kinder with yummy cakes
  4. 1 x gorgeous canvas with my daughter’s colorful handprints
  5. 1 x multi-coloured leaf bookmark from my 10 year old

You can check out these loveable gifts from my kids on my Facebook page
And even though I love getting pressies, I do worry that after watching the family’s money all week, we’ll blow the budget on Mothers Day. By the end of this post, you’ll see that all mums are looking for is a little TLC – not too-expensive and lavish gifts.

The surprising extra cost of a typical breakfast in bed

A full breakfast is way more expensive (and there’s a reason why) than you might think.
Here’s a breakdown of a Mothers Day breakfast scenario and how your kids could be dipping into the money, you might rather spend on yourself!
Let’s weigh up the cost of cooking mum a full breakfast for mum on Mothers Day:
These are some typical ingredients for a bacon and egg breakfast:

  1. Bread
  2. Butter
  3. Bacon
  4. Eggs
  5. Avocado
  6. Mushrooms
  7. Spinach
  8. Orange Juice

Own it girl – own that breakfast in bed…

Now here’s the thing. If I order a full breakfast for my Mothers Day ‘Breakfast In Bed’ session – guess what is going to happen next?
The entire family (one grown man and two very hungry mouths) are also going to want to have a piece of what I’m having. That’s just how it goes for mums. Sometimes it feels like us mums don’t really own anything anymore.
To demonstrate this point, here’s a quick rundown of just some of the things that I currently don’t own entirely:

  1. My mobile phone – Full of apps and always in the kids hands
  2. My toilet – Even though I hide in there my 4-year-old still finds me
  3. My iPad – Have owned one since their first release and have used it like – 3 times.
  4. My office (near the lounge) – All stuff in my office for making paper planes, crafts and just about everything
  5. My notebooks – I’m a writer. So my house is full of them. I keep finding kids scribbles in all of them! Cute – but not always cute.
  6. My bedroom – Full of trikes and scooters (truly) as my bedroom is at the end of a long wooden hallway – the house skate park!
  7. My treadmill and stationary bike – These are just kids play land
  8. My car – What my kids think is a deposit zone for as many packets and papers they can dig up

And these are just ‘the things I don’t seem to own’ off the top of my head. Really, I could give you a much longer list.

Has this happened to you?

So, in view of the fact that I don’t seem to own anything anymore – I’m guessing the same is going to happen on Mothers Day.
Last year, while eating breakfast in bed I lost the following:

  1. My bacon to my four year old
  2. One piece of toast to my 10 year old
  3. The chocolates to both of them
  4. And the egg yolk off one of my eggs to my ten year old
  5. Another piece of bacon to the dog – given to him by my four year old

And, this was AFTER these little loveable thieves had already indulged in a full breakfast themselves before entering my one-day-off-the-year breakfast in bed domain.

But I do love my scavengers

Now don’t get me wrong. I do love my kids and the beautiful effort they put into getting up early and making me breakfast. If my life was not full of these little pigeons scavenging around me, I’d miss their company and be very sad indeed. And after reading IGA’s statistics (read on), I’m feeling pretty lucky.

Comparing the cost of breakfast in bed

The cost of a full cooked breakfast:
A full cooked breakfast for me in my house is in fact, a breakfast for FOUR PEOPLE at a cost of roughly $25!
So here’s what I’m ordering: 
With pancakes you can feed an entire family for under $10 and still enjoy the delicious taste of a pancake or three.

The benefits of pancakes on Mothers Day based on past experience!

Also, little people don’t like scavenging pancakes. This is because, as a person indulges in a pancake, they tend to go a little runny and soggy and little fingers don’t like other people’s runny and soggy stuff. So it’s highly likely I WILL get to eat my entire breakfast in bed this year.

Oh, and here’s a great video for making the perfect pancake!

How to make the perfect pancakes in a plastic bottle.

Very interesting Mothers Day statistics!

I’m starting to feel a bit lucky after reading IGA’s latest research revealing that Breakfast In Bed on Mother’s Day is starting to become a thing of the past. Did you know that only two thirds of Aussie mums report they have not received breakfast in bed in the past three years, despite it topping the poll as the gift that impresses mums the most. Apparently many mums no longer look forward to Mother’s Day.
Here are some very interesting statistics from a survey completed by IGA of 1,000 married females aged 18+ with school-aged children:

  • 66% of mums have never once been treated to breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day in the past three years
  • 49% of mums said that they feel their husbands put either little or no effort at all into Mother’s Day planning – instead leaving it all to the last minute
  • Only a third (32%) of mums say that they feel they can relax on Mother’s Day as most things are done for them
  • 67% of mums aged 18-34 say they would value breakfast in bed from Dad and the kids above other gifts on Mother’s Day (above chocolate, flowers and soap)
  • A third of mums say that their children have good involvement in Mother’s Day plans showing above average or total involvement (34%)
  • Only a third (33%) of mums said that their child/children could not do enough for them

So Dads – It’s time to organise those kids!

Tip: If you are a mum share this article with Dad! If you are a DAD and you haven’t organised breakfast in bed – please make her day special. It really is the little things that count to a mum. As I’ve demonstrated making pancakes is easy, won’t cost you much – but you all will really make her day!

To all mums out there

Happy Mothers Day. I’ll be thinking of you. I hope you will get lots of pressies you can keep for yourself. If not, enjoy the moment.
Remember this: These moments are fleeting and don’t last long. It’s a bittersweet day for mums when they get to own everything again! I’ll probably cry my little eyes out 🙂
Do you get breakfast in bed or not? Share your thoughts in comments below.

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