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How to pay bills in five minutes

by Penina

You may not like to pay bills but you will like these tips on how to get the job done at turbo speed. Personally I liken bill paying to staring at a blank wall for 20 minutes. So I’ve found a way to put some fun into the oh-so-boring task of managing money.
If you are up to this financial challenge you can get this pesky little job done in the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee. You just need to be organised during the month so that when you attack the task of paying bills the job can be completed quickly.
Unfortunately bills are a fact of life, like having shower daily and having to do homework if you are a school kid. Some things are just unavoidable. Since bills are nasty pieces of work (they remind me of a hangover) the idea is to deal with them as quickly as possible so you are left feeling well, full of clarity and peace of mind. Since we have to spend our precious money on bills. We needn’t spend one minute extra on paying bills than we have to. After all, your time is money.

Here are my quick tips on how to pay bills fast

1. Make sure that each bill is opened (removed from its envelope) and placed in a simple plastic folder during the month.
2. Set an alert on your phone to make payments on a particular day each month.
3. When you are ready to pay bills take them out with you on your next errand run.
4. During a quiet time pop into the post office and pay them. It will take the cashier about two minutes to scan your bills and about one minute for you to swipe your card. That gives you a minute to get back to your car.

How to avoid paying bills altogether

1. Set up regular automatic payments via online banking to keep topping up your accounts. Accounts like your mobile phone, which are the same amount monthly, are good ones to set up via direct debit.
2. If you manage to set up all your account payments via direct debit you can avoid the act of paying bills altogether
3. You will need a buffer of money in your account to make sure that your direct debits never bounce
If you want ways to manage your debts and accounts better, be sure to check out my range of finance printables in the Savings Room Store. They are a great way to keep a physical record of your finances.
Got tips on managing your accounts? Leave your tips in comments below.

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