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Muay Thai | Take a win-win holiday in beautiful Thailand

by Penina

When Aussies think of an overseas holiday many of us conjure up an extended break consisting of resting by a pool, sipping on a wine or beer and enjoying the local nightlife. But if you are looking to return from your holiday inspired, motivated, feeling fitter and with an amazing new outlook on life, you might like to consider one of the latest trends in holiday making, which is a Muay Thai training camp. Read on to learn more about a Muay Thai vacation in Thailand and why a boot-camp style holiday is a win-win and a fantastic way to kick start those spring or summer fitness endeavours.

Take a holiday that keeps on giving

If you’ve ever taken a holiday you might have noted that bloated feeling upon your return. Perhaps you’ve eaten too much or put on a few kilos? Even though your perspective may be greatly improved, you may be left with more than a pit of sadness in your stomach when you conjure up having to get back to your ‘pre-holiday’ body.
Whether you are into fitness or not, there are many advantages to a more action-based holiday, which entails doing more than just sitting by a pool or staring at the sky on a beach. Why not return feeling empowered and motivated for the coming year, with a more amazing body and with some incredible and empowering new self-defence skills under your belt?
Sounds like a win-win idea to me!

Muay Thai | An increasingly popular choice by Aussie travellers

An increasingly popular combat sport being offered by numerous travel agencies in Thailand is a Muay Thai vacation.
Here’s Wikipedia’s brief description of this increasingly popular martial arts combat sport:
Muay Thai, along with boxing, is recognized as a foundation for striking in mixed martial arts[81] and is widely practiced and taught. One of the primary benefits of training in Muay Thai for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is its versatility. Techniques include long, middle and short range with everything from kicks to clinch holds and throws.[84] It originated in Thailand, and is known as the “art of eight limbs” which refers to the use of the legs, knees, elbows and fists.[85]

Here’s a quick video showing the sport in action

How to go about doing Muay Thai in Thailand

A Muay Thai holiday is considered by many to be the best way to enjoy both recreation and fitness activities at the same time.
The best way to enjoy a Muay Thai holiday in Thailand is to book into a training camp. The best facilities (as reviewed on TripAdvisor) offer professional daily training in combination with clean and affordable accommodation packages. Instructors are highly trained and will work with students no matter their fitness level or goals. So whether you are looking to lose weight, build strength or learn to new self-defence techniques – a holiday like this would be an amazing way to rejuvenate. You might even set yourself on a new path of self-discovery! Really – that’s what holidays should be all about anyway J
Here are some more videos of what these training facilities look like:



There’s no excuse not to go once you look at the prices. For example, at Suwit Muay Thai, you can buy special packages, which include the following:

  1. Training (twice a day) plus an air-conditioned room by the pool for an entire month for just $432 USD!!!!
  2. PLUS a FREE pass to Muay Thai fighting matches on Friday nights
  3. PLUS Thai food service (2 meals a day for 1 month) at $92 USD

Benefits of Muay Thai

According to Body and Soul, the benefits of Muay Thai are numerous:
“Muay Thai uses every muscle in your body. With boxing you usually just work your arms, but with Muay Thai you punch, kick and use your elbows and knees, so you are using almost every muscle in your body in an interval-style training regime that most people find their body will respond to quickly.
Muay Thai encourages a strong mind that is courageous, focused confident and disciplined. The long training sessions develop physical and mental endurance, training athletes to ‘fight to the end’.”

Look for ‘old school’ style training camps

Research into Muay Thai training camps reveal that the ‘old school’ type schools are proving the most popular, which is logical considering the long history of mixed martial arts and combat sports in Thailand.

Read reviews and learn more

Here are a few reviews for the Suwit Muay Thai Training Camp & Gym, which is a popular camp and give you can idea of what you can expect:
Nic and Abbie
‘Awesome’ – Just finished a month at Suwit learning Muay Thai with my daughter. The professional training has been awesome. The Thai fighters are a joy to train with and took our fighting skills to another level! Kittisak, his family and staff are so friendly and helpful . The accommodation was good and the home cooked food excellent . Thank you so much. We are coming back in September 2015 (Nic and Abbie) Reviewed 26 July 2015
Dave N
If you want to train Muay Thai without all the hype and pizzazz, then this is the place for you. Old school, small student to instructor ratio, great training. Whether you’re a beginner or trained…everyone can get something from Suwit. Met some really cool folks, as we all stayed at the off site rooms, which were clean and comfortable. Already planning our return for 2016.
Mathew C
Me, my girlfriend and her brother have just finished one month training at Muay Thai at Suwit. We loved it. Can’t fault it at all. The gym is proper ‘old skool’ but being the first gym in Phuket – I’m not surprised. So if you want a pretty boy gym maybe try one of the other gyms. All the trainers are very helpful and friendly as can be 🙂 … Every friday night you get free entry to the fight night, which usually cost 1,200 baht…. Also definitely try the chicken fried rice from the Suwit shop, Wow. Thank you to lip for his training and just having a laugh also, and teacher Toffee, funniest lad ever.
Read More Reviews Here

Investing in a ‘good health’ holiday is a win-win

One thing is certain – Muay Thai can do wonders for your health and a win-win Muay Thai holiday is a great story to share with your friends over a cold one when you are sitting on the deck this summer.
Oh, that’s if you ever come back!
If you’re interested in booking an inspiring and motivation-filled holiday in Thailand visit www.suwitmuaythai.com.
And remember: You will get the chance to hit the local beach between Muay Thai training classes and enjoy all the amazing adventures Thailand has to offer.

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