I had a wonderful and relaxing brekky in bed made with love by Richie and Coco. Followed by a movie morning with Coco. Lots of mummy and daughter cuddles 🥰 while we chatted on Messenger to my mum in NZ. Now Saxon (who had to work this morning) is driving the whole family to see Nanna. Having a lovely lovely day :-) Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful Mums here. Hope you got a nice rest today!!!!
You may have noticed on Wife Swap that Coco has a super bright pink school bag. This bag is such a daily lifesaver! Even with my poor eyesight I can still spot Coco miles away from my car, due to her super bright backpack. It's great! If your child's school allows another colour for a bag, I highly recommend this!
Here's some healthy meal prep inspiration. Be sure to checkout my full meal prep board. You'll find it on the home page at the Savings Room. Lettuce, rice, marinated honey soy chicken, corn kernels and beans. Add some lemon, garnish, season with pepper and enjoy!
My little $23 clothes drawer makeover is complete. I hope you like it! Drawers $20 and pics $3 from my local second hand shop (tip store haul yesterday). #roommakeover #drawers #pineapples #chair #cushions #renovation declutter #clarity #relaxchair #homedecor #cushions #fluffycushion #peninapetersen
Checkout all the goodies I found for $50 at my local tip store for my upcoming home office, laundry and wardrobe makeover projects. This is all the stuff I found for just $50. 1. A designer looking 8-drawer cabinet for $20, 30 or so brand new white folders at .50c, a white laundry basket (tall) $2, a broom and mop hanging mechanism for $8. An office pic $3 and more! Watch this space I will post how it all turns out. It is amazing what a girl can fit in her #hatchback! #homeoffice #homeorganisation #haul #car #$50 #roommakeover #files #wardrobemakeover #dayoff #secondhandshop #peninapetersen #thepetersens #renovation #homerenovation
The people who know me personally know our family certainly know how to have fun and a laugh. For those who still need convincing Coco and I are attempting our first ever 'Yes Day' in the name of injecting more fun into this Saturday. Admittedly, I'm worried. But, I am sure it will be so much fun. I can't wait to see what happens. We've done coin-flipping unplanned adventures in the past, but this may take that idea to a whole new level!!!! I'm excited!
Hello!!!! Been head down working on the book. I hope I can get it out soon. I want another train 🚊 holiday with Coco!!! .#writer #writing #adventure #peninapetersen
I use this hack every time I shop using Google Shopping. I start with the lowest price I would be prepared to pay for something and then move up from there depending on what I find. It's a surefire way to save thousands of dollars every year.
Lots of tests, experiments and labels happening at my house. Kids everywhere. Decluttering. Cleaning. Final moments with the book. Such madness. It’s getting cold here. I’m excited!!!! P.S I think it’s time to buy a new beanie - ha!!! #beanie #declutter #homeorganization #experiments #book #dinner #mum #mom #schoolholidays #labelmaker #wifeswapau #wifeswapaustralia #penina #peninapetersen #followmeplease
One of the most important skills I've learned to master in life is visualisation. I've have used this hack for most of my life. The thing is, your most powerful asset is your subconscious mind. Once you have put yourself in a picture life this, your subconscious mind continues to set those images in your brain behind the scenes as you go about daily businesss. Try this. It works! Eventually, your brain works at getting you what you want without you doing much else. You can't unsee a positive picture you've created of yourself. These images will eventually stamp out the negative images you may have. I hope this works for you in terms of feeling more empowered every day.
Thursday, May 13, 2021

5 ways to boost your borrowing power


Whether you are borrowing money for a house, car, furniture, or just a holiday abroad, you want to make sure you get your application through. This means knowing how much you can realistically borrow and being able to back up your claim. Here are five tips for maximising your lending capacity and improving your chances of being approved.

1. Compare lenders

Browsing and comparing a variety of lenders will help you choose one that is more likely to go through with your loan. Factors to consider include the types of loans they specialise in, how well established the organisation is, and what kind of reputation they have in regards to approving loans.

Most leading lenders, such as Heritage Bank, provide useful tools like a personal loan calculator on their websites, so you can do some of your research and comparing quite easily online. Take advantage of such resources and get as much information as possible before approaching the institutions that stand out based on your findings.

2. Update your records regularly

Outdated records can unnecessarily restrict your borrowing power, especially if your income today is more stable or lucrative than your latest records indicate. Keep your finances up to date so potential lenders can get a full and accurate picture of your circumstances and a sense that you have this aspect of your life under control.

3. Take care of existing credit issues

If you have any damaging debts or outstanding credit problems, it is obviously ideal to remedy these before applying for your loan. However, there are some less well-known things you can do in this area to potentially boost your borrowing power. If you have any unused credit cards, cancel them. If any of them have limits higher than you require, reduce these limits. These two steps can reduce the liability of your credit cards in the eyes of the lender.

4. Split expenses with your partner or ex

If you can show that your current partner or ex-partner is able to financially support your children without your input, expenses related to your kids can potentially be removed from your loan application. This should enable you to reach higher and secure a more significant loan amount.

5. Be organised in your application and your interview

At the end of the day, the lender wants to know if you are an honest individual worthy of their trust. Having evidence supporting that you fit the bill is important – and so is making sure this evidence is easy for you and them to access. Prepare your application in a logical way and understand what kind of supporting documents you will be asked to discuss in your interview. It also does not hurt to present yourself neatly and professionally when you talk to your lender’s representative in person.

Nobody wants to walk away from a loan application disappointed. Any combination of these tips could potentially give you the edge to take your borrowing power over the line. If you have any additional suggestions or past experiences that could be helpful to other readers, do not hesitate to share them in the comments below.