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Need cash fast? 12 quick ways to fill your piggy

by Penina

I don’t know many people who like to make money slowly so I bet you will love these tips on how to make some quick cash fast, yes today – maybe even right now! The next time you need some quick cash just come back to this little article and click on the links to start putting more pennies in your piggy.

1. Sell your stuff

Put all your junk on eBay, Gumtree, Facebook and other online markets. All of the biggest players in online classifieds have apps – so it is easy to go around your house, photographing your stuff and uploading your old junk. Before you know it you will have people knocking on your door dropping cash straight into your happy hand.
Do this:
Download apps for some of the following sites

Start photographing your stuff and upload to their eager marketplaces.
Or do this:
Do a stocktake of all the stuff you’ve got for sale. There are also plenty of apps for organising your garage sale and taking photos for the gear with an estimate of what you might earn http://cashconverters.com.au or a local market in your area.

2. Scavenge for pennies

Do this right now:
Have a massive declutter of your house or pick a room to every day during the holidays. While decluttering you will find a large number of coins lying around. Put that money in a piggy for a rainy day.
How much did you get? Post in comments below.

3. Return stuff

Return all the unwanted items you’ve been meaning to return. Dig out those receipts and those unwanted gifts and return them to stores for some instant cash.
Do it now! What did you find and how much is it worth?

4. Perform tasks

List one task you can make money on today.
Visit sites like http://airtasker.com and make money while you help someone else get something done. Heading to Ikea for example? You might be able to transport an item for someone on your way back and make some quick cash from driving there and back anyway! Might pay for that lovely new home decor item you just bought.

5. Rent out your parking space

If you live in the city and you have some space in your front yard did you know you can make money by renting that space out?
Visit sites like: http://parkhound.com.au and make money while you work or watch TV. Too easy!

6. Do online surveys

Be careful with online survey companies. Some of them are scammers, but these are reputed to be legimate:

  1. MySurvey
  2. SurveySpot
  3. MySurvey.com
  4. Surveyhead.com
  5. ValuedOpinions.com

Sites pay between $2 and $5 and will offer cash into a Paypal account or gifts when you reach a certain quota. Be careful and don’t sign up for sites that ask for fees up front. Make money while you watch TV!

7. Sell your arts and crafts online

Visit sites like Etsy.com where you can sell items online for a fee of 20 cents for 5 photos for four months. Etsy is great if you are a gun at creating crafty items or homemade goods.

8. Rent a room out

Rent a room out in your home at places like AirBnB.com. Just be careful to check credentials and reviews of the person who may be visiting!

9. Do online tasks

Do little tasks for online companies like amazon. Mechanical Turk ( mturk.com) is one site that will pay you to complete little tasks that they need done. Search the web for a product, ask a question or offer your opinion.  You won’t make a fortune doing this but if you did this instead of playing games for example – that is time well spent – literally!

10. Rent out your car when you’re not using it!

Sites like relay rides allow you to rent out your car. http://www.drivemycarrentals.com.au/HowItWorks

11. Become a tutor

Do you have a special skill, or a uni degree for topics such as maths, science, English, social studies or other. Check out sites like tutor.com. You can earn around $14 an hour based on your credentials and hours you decide to work. Some tutors on sites like this can earn up to $2000 a month!

12. Give advice

Are you a guru for a certain topic? Visit  justanswer.com and answer questions in fields like medicine, law, finance, home improvement and mechanical repairs. Users will pay $10 to $40 just for answering a question depending on what people want to pay for your expert answer – and you’ll get 25 – 50 percent of the fee. To become an expert you’ll have to verify your credentials fully.
Do you have legitimate tips on how to make money fast, today – right now?

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