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How to outsource your money and life fast in 2016

by Penina

We all have a lot of stuff to do. Between planning the week, school drop offs, pick ups, coffees, work, bosses, grocery shopping, dinners, housework, managing money and superannuation, meetings and appointments, I’m surprised any of us have time to catch a breath. We’re time poor, worn out and many of us feel ‘over it’ before the year gets rolling. The thought of ‘all the stuff’ we have to do can be overwhelming for modern working and stay-at-home parents, business people, entrepreneurs, students and everyone in-between.
So it comes as no surprise that a large number of Australians have little or no time to think about managing what money their bringing in now, let alone planning for retirement through good wealth management. Wealth management may simply not be on your radar or may even not be a term you’ve heard of.

The above raises the following important questions about your life and money

  • Do you know what all the hard work is for?
  • Why are you slogging it out all day?
  • Do you feel like your running on a treadmill?
  • What’s the purpose of the seemingly endless daily grind?
  • Are you actually getting anywhere?
  • Are you really maximising your time, money and energy?

Answer these questions honestly and you’ll start thinking about how to truly get things moving in 2016.

There’s good news!

There are plenty of ways to outsource your life so you can work ‘on your life’ and not stay stuck in a momentary or future rut. You can absolutely make plans, maximise your time, money and energy and live an amazing (not tired) lifestyle.

Here are a few simple steps you can take today to outsource the money in your life

Step 1: Keep a business card app on your phone or buy a business card holder and put the people in that app or folder who can help you the most.
Here’s a quick list of the kind of people I’m talking about: 

  1. Doctor
  2. Dentist
  3. Bank Manager
  4. Financial Advisor
  5. Lawyer
  6. Accountant
  7. Superannuation Manager
  8. Insurance Broker

Step 2: Now trim that list down to its simplest form. Find a company that can consolidate these services together, so you only have to deal with one company from an admin point of view.

  1. Medical & Dentist Centre
  2. Wealth Management Company
  3. Legal Services

Step 3: Make it your 2016 goal to form excellent relationships with the people left on your list

How a wealth management company can help you

Did you know that most banks are partnered up with wealth management companies that can do great things with your money and maximise every dollar that comes through the door. For example, banks will often have Wealth Management Partners. which provide advisory services including investment, superannuation, insurance and financial services. The beauty of a wealth management partner connected to a bank is that by working together than can give customers more control over their finances, by leveraging tailored solutions to clients based on their individual needs.

Here are some other areas of your life you can outsource in 2016, so you can free up more time and energy for the important stuff

  • Grocery shopping via an online supermarket: Nothing beats a service that will get your groceries done and that will deliver them directly to your door.
  • Hire a cleaner: Consider hiring a cleaner to come to your house on a Friday around 2pm so your house is spic and span for the weekend. This way you will actually get to enjoy your weekend. Consider culling some other expenses to pay for the cleaning service. (Note: Make sure your cleaner is reputable and can be trusted.)
  • School pick ups and drop offs: Get networking with other mums and get organised with drop offs and pick ups.
  • Childcare: If you have children in kinder organise with another mum to do a swap day. This keeps kids engaged for two days of the week and give’s each mum a chance to catch up on work or run errands. With the cost of childcare, this tip is especially helpful for mum’s working part-time who are paying fees.
  • Hire an Au Pair: Au Pair’s aren’t as expensive as you think. They cost around $250 for the week and then they take the weekends off. If you have two children in care – this service (usually travelling females) can be a great way to save money while ensuring you won’t be stressing in traffic lights on the way home from work trying to pick up your child on time. You could also organise a personal space for your Au Pair in the home (self contained unit), so the Au Pair doesn’t have to live permanently in your home.
  • Outsource small errands: Sites like Airtasker are packed with people willing to run small errands for you for little cost. Consider what your time is worth in picking up something from a store, when a man in a van is driving past there anyway and will do the job for say $20. Remember that time equals money.
  • Hire a Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant (an online personal assistant) is a great way to get many small tasks done, especially if you are in business. But a virtual assistant can be used for any task from organising your child’s birthday party to producing an infographic for your business. VA’s are becoming increasingly popular as time demands increase for modern parents, consumers and business people alike.
  • Use good systems: A great system for cooking for example – like my Freezer Meals cookbook will give you 28 days off cooking each month. Can you imagine what you can do with your time if you didn’t have to cook dinner each night. Consider using such systems for making life easier.

If you’d like to simplify life take action. Write a list right now of all the areas of your life that are taking up your time. Now see if you can outsource this task to an expert so that you can free up more time for the more important stuff.

Outsourcing your money and life will result in the following

Drum roll…
Happiness, relaxation, peace of mind and more money.

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