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Plan ahead | Reduce air conditioning costs for summer

by Penina

Air conditioning may be the last thing on your mind, as winter is fast approaching. Most of us are battening down the hatches, thinking about heating, sealing drafts, buying hot water bottles, blankets, putting in installation and starting to pull out those winter clothes we’ve stashed away.
If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know how much I believe the savings are in the organization! You can make extreme savings each day, week and year just by planning ahead and being constantly ahead of things.
Well, the same goes for air conditioning! Think about installing air conditioning now for summer and you’ll reap the benefits of planning ahead.

Here are 10 cool ways to save on air conditioning and plan ahead for summer

1. Think about installing an air conditioner in winter

Don’t pay more expensive air conditioning fees than you have to. It’s a little like booking a tradie right now to install a heater. This time of year is their ‘peak’ time and you would know that anything purchased in peak times (e.g travel) is going to cost more. Think and plan ahead – always.

2. Call your electricity company

It’s very competitive out there. We consumers have the upper hand due to the range of choice and suppliers when it comes to electricity, and they are all scrambling for your dollar. Call your electricity company and ask for a better rate. 9 times out of 10 vendors will oblige, because they’d rather keep you at a lower rate than lose you altogether.

3. Consider installing extra doors in the home

If your home is large and your air conditioning unit is in one main living space, consider installing extra doors to close off areas. This means you will cool down a smaller area and in doing so, reduce costs.

4. Learn everything you can about air conditioning

Learn more about cooling down your home by getting the right information from the experts. Sites like Current Force live and breathe air conditioning. Such sites usually have a blog delivering highly focused tips such as air conditioning costs, comparing brands, how you can get cash back and more. You’ll be schooled up in no time and may even consider yourself an expert on the topic after a quick read!

5. Don’t chew up your money in a heater or air conditioner

Did you know that a heater or air conditioning unit will sap up to 40% of your utility bills during peak winter and summer periods? Take all the steps necessary to reduce these costs. Consider reading my article: 130 ways to save on electricity and gas to learn some quick tips for reducing these costs.

Here are some more cool ways to save on air conditioner costs:

  1. Plant trees around your home to stop the sun coming directly in.
  2. Put solar screen shades on the outside of windows. This can reduce direct sunlight by up to 70 percent.
  3. Lower your thermostat and save up to 15% on electricity bills.
  4. Use small fans in the area you are sitting to circulate air in the room.
  5. Heat rises. If you live in a multi-story property hang out on the lower levels of your home. If you have a basement – even better!
  6. Use the BBQ. Cooking inside the home in summer, especially on a stove will heat the home up and your electricity costs.
  7. Regularly maintain air conditioning units (such as cleaning filters) to keep the units efficient.
  8. Generally set fan speeds on high, but if it is humid set the fan to a lower speed.
  9. Use other methods to stay cool such as a spray bottle, or dipping your feet in water.
  10. Finally – plan your days around extreme temperatures. Use air conditioning in libraries and malls to reduce air conditioning costs. If you live near the beach – head there!

Got great tips on cool ways to plan ahead and save? Leave them in comments below.

P.S Here’s a great infographic on how to save money on your electricity bill!

Source – Spark Innovation

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