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Project: How to create a kitchen herb garden

by Penina

If you want to create a kitchen herb garden indoors, the job is pretty easy and will save you quite a bit on groceries each year. Fresh herbs are expensive to buy at the supermarket and can cost up to $2.99 a bunch. So if you love cooking with fresh herbs you might want to consider starting your own kitchen herb garden.
For a small initial investment, you can set up a herb garden on the cheap and save up to $300 to $400 each year on herbs. This in turn will help you to save money on groceries. Remember all these little costs add up over one year, so if you are saving for your next home deposit, small savings like these each year add a nice chunk of money to add to the pile.

How to create a herb garden in your kitchen and save money on groceries

  • Pick two or three herbs you buy regularly. For example: Basil, coriander and parsley.
  • Book out a time in your calendar to set up your kitchen herb garden. Allow 3-4 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Go to your local hardware or garden outlet (like Bunnings or Masters) and talk to one of their experts.
  • Purchase potted herbs if possible. This way you can use them straight away!
  • Make sure you choose a sunny window in your kitchen to place your new herb garden and enjoy setting it up according to the advice you received and the information on the plant’s label.

Also, investigate drying herbs too. Store them in airtight containers in a dark place.
Note: Most kinds of herbs will grow inside.
If you love to cook using recipes from your new herb garden and you want to save money on groceries, consider checking out the benefits of using a cooking system like Table Tucker, which includes Plant Me pages. These pages list herbs to be grown ahead of time for the recipes.

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