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Please Tell a Friend

by Penina

Dear Friend

I hope this letter finds you well and on your way to designing an easier
and more stress-free life! As you can see, I’ve been pretty busy pursuing
one of my long-term dreams, which was to write an inspirational book ‘one day.’ 

I’m not sure if you are aware, but Table Tucker was written over many late week nights, blurry mornings and annual leave days in between the demands of a full-time job. I also managed to ‘catch’ moments at the weekends during home renovations and the busy life that comes with raising a family.

If you have found Table Tucker to be of help in your life, and if Table Tucker has answered some of your practical lifestyle challenges, it would be great if you could pass on the Table Tucker message to friends who might need this mobile app. Your help will also allow me to continue my passion for writing more books and making more apps just like Table Tucker.

Penina Petersen
Author – Table Tucker

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