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Earth-Happy Choices

by Penina

Eating for Earth

Go organic or substitute

  • Try organic red meat or chicken
  • Try Kangaroo instead of red meat
  • Buy organic or free-range eggs
  • Try dairy or dairy substitutes
  • Buy organic beer and wine

Go Earth-happy packaging

  • Buy beer and wine in the cardboard cartons
  • Buy Earthy-happy toilet paper and washing powder
  • Buy Earth-happy dishwashing liquid
  • Take it home in a recyclable box or bag
  • Use a fold-out trolley to shop at the markets

Go vegetarian

  • Try vegetarian meals instead of meat and poultry
  • Try vegetarian subsitutes, for example, vegetarian sausages

Go raw or in its natural state

  • Try raw instead of cooked vegetables, for example, mushrooms
  • Buy fresh instead of canned, for example, pineapple
  • Bake a sliced potato instead of buying a bag of chips (MYO)
  • Avoid excess packaging, for example, around a lettuce

Go making your own

  • Make your own sauces (See MYO Sauces)
  • Make your own dressings (See MYO Dressings)

Go local and fairly traded

  • Shop at local traders
  • Shop at farmers or community markets and gardens
  • Shop at the farm gate
  • Look for fairly traded products

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