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Recipes for chicken | 100 ideas for a supermarket roast chicken

by Penina

If you are looking for recipes for chicken, look no further than this extensive list of 100 ideas for whipping up meals with a supermarket roast chicken. If you are a ready-cooked chicken afficiando, then your time at the chicken stand at Coles or Safeway will be well spent with this list!
Using this list you could grab a chook or three each week and deliver meals to the table quick smart! You can even cool the bird down, shed it up and then bag your chicken meat for freezing. These freezer stashes of chicken are really convenient for whipping up quick pastas and salads throughout the week for lunches.
I figure, if you are going to fight a parking lot after work to capture one of these hot looking chooks, you better make it worth your while in terms of convenience and savings!
The key with the bird (and getting recipes for chicken out of it) is to make the chicken stretch as far as you can. Also pick the meat off these chooks in a one-off bulk action. I do recommend buying two or even three at once!  If you are going to stand in your kitchen with a bowl and your hands full of chicken fat, you may as well do it once and do it well!
Note: Be sure to let the chicken cool to room temperature before putting it in the fridge or freezer. Also, try to whip the meals up while the chicken is still hot.

Ready roast chicken is convenient!

These highly convenient BBQ birds are good for many things including:

  • Making chicken salads on the fly
  • Adding to instant noodles with frozen veg for quick kids meals
  • Making delicious chicken sandwiches
  • Putting in a pita and making up a wrap
  • Throwing into a ready-mix sauce for a quick meal (E.g Butter chicken curry)
  • Making pizzas. Add BBQ sauce for a delicious one!
  • Make crepes and add the chicken in a cheesy sauce
  • Making up quick pastas

100 dinner ideas for a supermarket roast chicken

Here’s my big list of 100 ways with a supermarket roast chicken. You’ll never run out of ways to use up your chook with this list! Be sure to add your comments and add your delicious ideas to this growing list!

  1. Apricot chicken
  2. Asian chicken lettuce cups
  3. Baked creamy chicken spaghetti
  4. BBQ chicken pizza
  5. Butter chicken curry
  6. Cashew chicken salad
  7. Chicken and asparagus filo’s
  8. Chicken and avocado wraps
  9. Chicken baked potatoes
  10. Chicken BBQ pizza
  11. Chicken and chips
  12. Chicken and coleslaw pitas
  13. Chicken coleslaw salad
  14. Chicken corn soup
  15. Chicken feta parcels
  16. Chicken and leek frittata
  17. Chicken and lettuce wraps
  18. Chicken mushroom casserole
  19. Chicken mushroom pasta
  20. Chicken and spinach calzone
  21. Chicken stuffing sandwiches
  22. Chicken tomato casserole
  23. Chicken Turkish bread subs
  24. Chicken vegetable casserole
  25. Chicken vegetable pie
  26. Chicken vegetable soup
  27. Chicken vegetable noodles
  28. Chicken asparagus bake
  29. Chicken avocado salad
  30. Chicken balls
  31. Chicken BLT add avocado
  32. Chicken broccoli fettuccine
  33. Chicken burgers
  34. Chicken burritos
  35. Chicken Caesar salad
  36. Chicken cashew salad
  37. Chicken chow mein
  38. Chicken chowder
  39. Chicken couscous salad
  40. Chicken curry
  41. Chicken curry soup
  42. Chicken enchiladas
  43. Chicken fettuccine
  44. Chicken filo pastries
  45. Chicken for sandwiches
  46. Chicken fried rice
  47. Chicken fritters
  48. Chicken in white wine sauce
  49. Chicken Korma
  50. Chicken lasagna
  51. Chicken macaroni cheese
  52. Chicken mushroom penne
  53. Chicken mushroom risotto
  54. Chicken nachos
  55. Chicken noodle salad
  56. Chicken noodle soup
  57. Chicken pasta in white sauce
  58. Chicken pasta salad
  59. Chicken pasties
  60. Chicken pie
  61. Chicken pitas
  62. Chicken potato bake
  63. Chicken potato croquettes
  64. Chicken quesadillas
  65. Chicken quiche
  66. Chicken ramen noodle soup
  67. Chicken rice casserole
  68. Chicken risotto
  69. Chicken salad kebabs
  70. Chicken salad variations
  71. Chicken soup variations
  72. Chicken spinach risotto
  73. Chicken spring rolls
  74. Chicken stews
  75. Chicken stir-fries
  76. Chicken stock
  77. Chicken strudel
  78. Chicken tacos
  79. Chicken veggie potato bake
  80. Chicken with coleslaw
  81. Chicken with mash and peas
  82. Chicken with potato salad
  83. Chicken wonton
  84. Creamy chicken crepes
  85. Green Thai chicken curry
  86. Honey ginger chicken on noodles
  87. Honey mustard chicken bake
  88. Honey soy chicken stir-fry
  89. Mexican chicken bake
  90. Pesto chicken pasta
  91. Pesto chicken sandwich
  92. Quick chicken lasagna
  93. Quick chicken pasta in passata
  94. Quick crumbed chicken strips
  95. Roast chicken dinner
  96. Satay chicken on rice
  97. Sesame chicken stir-fry
  98. Sweet and sour chicken on rice
  99. Toasted open chicken sandwiches
  100. Toasted sandwiches with tomato

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