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Bad breath | 19 tips for fresh breath and white teeth

by Penina

Bad breath is not an odor enjoyed by the masses. I did meet a woman at a wedding once who got really drunk and proceeded to smell the armpits of everyone in the room, due to a strange fetish she had.
Well bad breath and brown teeth are the same. Unless you meet an intoxicated person with a fetish, you may want to address each problem separately and thoroughly.

Halitosis is common

The scientific term for this nasty affliction is called Halitosis but don’t let the name scare you. Bad breath is as common as a kid eating a bag of lollies. 20% of all people suffer from this cheek-reddening problem. If you can picture a room full of people at a party with bad breath, they take up almost a quarter of the room! Except their cheeks will be red from something other than their breath! Alcohol consumption!
Luckily most people with bad breath prefer to address the problem either fully (at a Dentist) or partially.
This second group, the partials, prefer to suck on fresh mints until their tongues are numb. Sucking on lollies usually fixes the problem for emergency situations like having to sit next to the boss for the next half hour for the purpose of studying budget spreadsheets. But this is not a long-term fix.
By the way, if this happens to you, take the fresh mints with you to your session with the boss. There is a 20% chance your he or she might need them!)

Spend time at the Dentist

Personally I recommend getting to know a good Dentist and making regular visits. A Dentist will sit you in a chair, give you a goofy pair of sunnies to wear, and administer happy mouth-numbing drugs. The only uncomfortable part of this experience is the part he will start chatting about the footy and you can’t answer because your mouth is numb and his fist is inside it.
Before you know it, you will be smiling and breathing on people without worrying about them unfriending you on Facebook or avoiding giving you cuddles on the couch.
Bad breath can be caused by a lot of things including issues in the mouth, tongue or gums. Other causes include oral infections, ulcerations, fasting, stress, anxiety, smoking, alcohol and the food you eat just to name a few!
The same goes for brown teeth. If you want brown teeth suck on cigarettes, drink copious amounts of coffee and red wine. So, unless you have some amazing gene that keeps your teeth looking like a celebrity, you’ll need to make some adjustments to your lifestyle. You could give up smoking, drink less coffee and switch to white wine just to name a few!

Cheap kits to get your teeth white too

I did buy a fabulous teeth-whitening kit on eBay recently from a Melbourne guy who used to be a Dentist. He really cares about whom he sells his kits too and I liked him. So I promised him I’d give him a plug. I did do a lot of research on all the products out there so if you want an effective, safe and great kit – this is the one to use! And it is so much cheaper than getting those pearlers whitened at the Dentist.
Here’s the link to my teeth whitening Guru on eBay: Teeth Whitening Kit
Well it’s a good thing I’ve been busy putting together a cheat sheet on how to freshen up bad breath and also tips on how to whiten your teeth for cheap! Keep this list handy when you are getting ready to go out or when you simply need some ideas for making your entire mouth area feel…well, better! 
Keep this list handy when you are getting ready to go out or when you simply need some ideas for pampering yourself.
Here are my top tips for dealing with the problem!

19 tips for fresh breath and white teeth

Anise seeds

Chew on anise seeds for nicer breath.

Apples for breath

Apples will clean your teeth and give you nicer breath.

Avoid alcohol

Beer, wine and hard liquor will easily stay on your breath.

Avoid coffee

Coffee adds to plague in your mouth.
Avoid mints and gum
Breath refreshments contain sugar and worsen the problem.

Avoid odour-filled foods

Avoid onions, garlic and chilli meals.

Baking soda whitener

Put baking soda on your toothpaste to whiten teeth.

Blow your nose

Allergies and common colds can worsen breath.

Check for Gingivitis

Check with your Dentist for underlying issues.

Chew on cloves

Cloves can naturally reduce bad breath.

Clean your tongue

After brushing teeth also brush your tongue.

Drink water

For a less dry mouth, which causes bad breath, drink more water.

Eat strawberries

Rub a strawberry across your teeth. Strawberries make a great natural teeth whitener.

Emergency mints

Chew on mints or gum if you need emergency nice breath. E.g. If you have a hot date!


Chew on a little fennel instead of fresh mints.

Floss happy

Learn how to floss and do it as a regular part of your hygiene routine.

Free whiter teeth

Wearing cool tone lipsticks or red lipsticks will make your teeth look whiter.

Gargle with mouthwash

For a quick release from bad breath, gargle with mouthwash.

Instant fresh breath

Eat fresh mints is emergency nice breath before a kiss, a date or an important meeting!

Homemade mouthwash

Invest in a good mouthwash or find some natural remedies and recipes.

Pack your toothbrush

Rather than chewing on mints take your toothbrush with you.

Parsley for breath

Finish off a meal by chewing on a fresh piece of parsley.

Quit smoking

This is a no-brainer. Smoking causes bad breath and kills.

Reduce cheese

Strong cheeses like blue cheese cause bad breath. Avoid them for better breath.

Reduce stress levels

Stress can worsen a bad breath problem. Try to reduce stress levels.

Rinse with water

Swish water around your mouth after meals.

Skip cow’s milk

It is a good idea to avoid cow’s milk if you have bad breath.

Use a straw

Drink coffee through a straw for whiter teeth.

Visit the Dentist

As you get older visit the Dentist more regularly.

When to clean

Clean your teeth after every meal to ensure nice breath and whiter teeth.


Use natural whiteners for whiter teeth and a bright smile.

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