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Review: Grudge Match – “Rocky versus Raging Bull" – Win a copy

by Penina

If you love a good comedy and you once enjoyed Rocky or Raging Bull movie, you might enjoy De Niro and Stallone in their latest comedy “Grudge Match”  a Warner Bros release about a ‘rivalry 30 years in the making.’ De Niro, in his Kelly green shorts gives a spirited performance in this movie and offers a nice dose of light entertainment. Sly, who dons a black and white silk ensemble for the match, continues to ‘play the hero’ even at 67. Just for Sly’s – Grudge Match is worth a watch.

Two former boxers become enemies

The Grudge Match features two geriatric boxers from Pittsburgh, Henry “Razor” sharp (Sylvester Stallone) and Billy “Kid” McDonnen (Robert De Niro) who become rivals 30 years prior where both boxers defeat each other, but don’t have a rematch because Razor retires and costs them both a large sum of money. This infuriates “Kid” who wants payback.

The boxers cross paths again 30 years later

Fast forward to the future where Razor is approached by promoter Dante Slate to help create a video game involving a motion capture feature. “Kid” who wants payback is keen but Razor isn’t. But Razor is broke and working in a shipyard and finally agrees to the offer of $15k, which he needs to care for his former trainer Lightening Conlon and to help him get out of debt. Lightening moves in and experiences frustrations like the fact there is no TV to watch his favourite show “Dancing with the Stars.”

“Grudgement Day” is born

Friction increases when Razor and Kid get into a fight and get arrested after damaging the studio. The footage is leaked on YouTube, which goes viral and Slate’s idea for a ‘Grudgement Day’ is born. The bad guy “Kid” is keen to get payback and Razor has to accept because he is fired from the shipyard and won’t now get his $15k as promised.

The love interest

After announcing “Grudgement Day” via a press conference, Razor’s ex-girlfriend Sally Rose (Kim Basinger) tries to reconnect with him after becoming a widow. But he’s reluctant since she once cheated on him with Kid and got pregnant to him.

Getting in shape

Razor starts to get in shape with the help of his old trainer “Lightning.” Kid is mocked by his potential gym owner and trainer “Frankie” (LL Cool J) over the fight, who doesn’t help him. Instead, Kid starts a bond with his estranged son BJ (Jon Bernthal), against Sally’s wishes, after BJ helps him with some training tips.

The fight must go on

Razor forgives Sally after persuasion from trainer Lightning. After finding out Razor is actually blind in one eye, both Lightning and Sally ask him to call the fight off because he might permanently damage his vision. But Razor proceeds, after Kid becomes enraged because he wants payback for his past financial losses and also losing Sally.


Kid tells B.J he wants to take Trey (his grandson) to a movie. But he actually takes him to a bar to celebrate Grudgement Day being sold out. But at the bar he hooks up with a groupie and while in the back seat making out, Trey accidentally starts Kid’s car. While an accident is avoided, Kid is arrested and apologizes to angry BJ by proving his love for him with a scrapbook of BJ’s sports career he’d made throughout the years.

Grudgement Day

The excitement of Grudgement day arrives with a full house and is televised. Razor is severely beaten by Kid who is unaware of his blind eye. When he finds out about it he helps Razor up. Then Razor helps Kid up after knocking him out in the fight. The fight is decided by points and Razor wins by the judges close split decision. Razor celebrates with Sally and Lightning, while Kid appreciates his new found family in BJ and Trey who show pride in his achievements.

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