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Sausage recipes | 50 simple meal ideas using sausages

by Penina

Sausage recipes (and the sausage itself) are popular in Australia for taste, convenience, and the way a sausage goes so well with a beer! Sausages are social! They are also just damn cheap! In fact, I’d say the popularity of the sausage rests in its cost in terms of party-value in Australia. Aussies heading to BBQs across the country, who are on a budget, grab a tray of sausages.
Aussie sausages have a good reputation in terms of what might be in them. Mostly they’re made of beef, pork, chicken and even Kangaroo.
The terms snags, which most Aussies use for the word sausage, is actually derived from the traditional English style sausages, which are the cheap, thin type of sausage you can buy in bulk.
My husband is a massive sausage lover and loves all sausage recipes out there! I’ve never seen a man down so many sausages. Just like my default meal is a Spag Bol. His is snags, peas and mash. He’s passed his love to for sausages onto the kids. They have a passion for the good ole’ Aussie snag too.
If you’ve read about my Sunday Cook-Ups you will know that I always put sausages in the plan for their intrinsic money-saving value.

Sausage recipes | Here’s the big tip!

If you want to save money on meat buy sausages. Simple!
But if you are getting a little tired of eating your sausage the same old way, this list will help you find quick and easy ideas. Use this list in conjunction with my minced Beef, supermarket chicken and freezer meals lists to create weekly menus when shopping.
Alternatively, use this list next time you have a party! If you want to keep it cheap, buy a big tray of sausages and turn those suckers into different dishes. Cook up a massive batch of sausages in the oven. Stick some of the sausages into mini bread rolls for the kids. Kids love hot dogs! Cut a few up and serve them stylishly on a platter with cheese and some homemade dips and crackers. For the adults, wrap them in bacon, top them with cheese and serve them up as gourmet sausages later in the evening as a quick meal!
Sausages sure are social and they are a winning budget meal idea for all occasions! Enjoy bangers and baked beans for breakfast. Stick a sausage in a roll for lunch or throw them in a crockpot for a hearty stew. Whatever your flavor – you’ll find it in a sausage!

Sausages are a cheap meal idea!

These are meal suggestions for using up a big tray of bulk-buy sausages. If possible cook up extra batches of each meal. Put extra portions in the fridge for tomorrow night’s dinner or freeze for a later date (if freezing the meal is practical).. Keep this list handy when planning meals for the month.

  1. Bacon and sausage casserole
  2. Baked sausage pasta
  3. Bangers and baked beans
  4. Basic sausage stew
  5. Braised sausages with cabbage
  6. Broccoli and sausage pasta
  7. Cold sausage salad
  8. Creamy sausage mushroom pasta
  9. Creamy sausage pasta
  10. Curried sausages
  11. Devilled sausages
  12. Gnocchi sausage bake
  13. Hot dogs
  14. Lentil and sausage casserole
  15. Macaroni cheese and sausages
  16. Sausage and bacon omelette
  17. Sausage and bean casserole
  18. Sausage and beer casserole
  19. Sausage and cheese omelette
  20. Sausage and egg casserole
  21. Sausage and eggplant bake
  22. Sausage and tomato spaghetti
  23. Sausage and vegetable kebabs
  24. Sausage cannelloni
  25. Sausage chili
  26. Sausage fried rice
  27. Sausage frittata
  28. Sausage hot pot
  29. Sausage lentil hot pot
  30. Sausage linguini
  31. Sausage penne
  32. Sausage pie
  33. Sausage quiche
  34. Sausage roll slice
  35. Sausage rolls
  36. Sausage satay on rice
  37. Stuffed sausage and veg capsicums
  38. Sausage tacos
  39. Sausage wontons
  40. Sausage, cheese and veggie bake
  41. Sausage, egg and veggie slice
  42. Sausages and veg on polenta
  43. Sausages and veggies on instant noodles
  44. Sausages and zucchini
  45. Sausages in red wine
  46. Sausages on skewers (kids)
  47. Sausage slices in a rocket salad
  48. Sausages with gravy, veggies and mash
  49. Spicy sausages on couscous
  50. Stir-fry sausages on noodles

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