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Kids activities | 50 things to do indoors this Christmas

by Penina

Kids activities are easy with this cheat sheet from the Savings Room. Waiting for Santa to come down the chimney can be an anxious wait. I know my little ones count their sleeps in anticipation of seeing what the big man will be delivering in his bag of goodies.
Every family has timeworn traditions that have been built around Christmas.
Typical traditions include picking a tree and then decorating it. Food traditions might include making a Christmas pudding on Christmas Eve or making a Gingerbread house for everyone to help decorate. Many families spend an evening walking or driving around to look at the Christmas lights displayed on the homes or spending Christmas Eve at mass.
In my family we spend time reading Xmas stories before bed. We also sit together on the 1st of December and write a letter to Santa. We also make a tradition out of wrapping up everyone’s gifts. We do so while we play Christmas music and enjoy some time at the table together. Finally, we make homemade tags for the tree.
If you are a lover of tinsel, Rudolf and all things merry and festive, you will love this cheat sheet! It will give you a total of 50 things to do in indoors this Christmas!
If you are looking for frugal things to do this Christmas and you happen to be stuck inside, this cheat sheet is the perfect solution! Keep it in a neat little folder or stick it on a wall for quick reference. Hell! Laminate it and pin it up on the tree to inspire some family fun.

Things to do while you are waiting for Santa!

50 things to do indoors this Christmas

If you are a lover of tinsel, Rudolf and all things merry and festive, you will love this cheat sheet! Make your next Christmas holiday break warm, fuzzy and a memorable one.

Bake, create or learn

  1. Bake a cake
  2. Bake Christmas bikkies
  3. Call someone who might be lonely
  4. Camp indoors
  5. Check out local events on the computer
  6. Conduct family history interviews
  7. Cook dinner with the kids
  8. Create a child lucky dip adventure
  9. Create a Christmas board game
  10. Create a Christmas jigsaw puzzle
  11. Decorate the tree
  12. Dress up in funny Christmas outfits
  13. Enjoy a Christmas trivia night
  14. Enjoy some Christmas drinks
  15. Give a room a Christmas makeover
  16. Have a themed Christmas meal
  17. Hold a lucky dip gift night
  18. Learn about nature
  19. Learn how other cultures celebrate Christmas. Plan a cultural Christmas!

Make something

  1. Look through photo albums
  2. Make a Christmas cake
  3. Make a Christmas scrapbook
  4. Make a plum pudding
  5. Make an advent calendar
  6. Make Christmas ice-blocks
  7. Make eggnog
  8. Make fresh juices the colour of Christmas
  9. Make gift cards
  10. Make iced-tea
  11. Make lemonade
  12. Make pasta art with a Christmas theme
  13. Make some Christmas mince tarts
  14. Organise an arts and crafts night

Play a game

  1. Play board games
  2. Play cards
  3. Play charades
  4. Play Christmas games online
  5. Play Christmas music
  6. Play Scrabble using Christmas words
  7. Play Spicks-and-Specks
  8. Read the kids the Story of Christmas
  9. Rent DVDs
  10. Set up some cake and beer for Santa
  11. Share past Christmas stories with the kids
  12. Sing Christmas carols together
  13. Skype extended family
  14. Talk about the less fortunate
  15. Watch Christmas concerts on TV
  16. Watch Christmas movies
  17. Wrap presents

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