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Sausage recipes can help you save money on food

by Penina

Bulk sausage recipes are a great way to save money each week. The humble sausage has always been a popular and affordable way to save on groceries during a frugal shopping adventure. My mother, who is English, reared us on sausages (which we ate at least once a week) because we loved them and because she was always on a budget, like me!
My hubby and kids are also big snag fans and so I always include a big pack of sausages on my bulk-cooking grocery list. My new eBook Freezer Meals includes a bulk pack of sausages, because of the inherent money savings.
But the question is: What to do with snags once you’ve brought the little suckers home and popped them in the freezer in their neatly portioned out packs?

Here are seven ideas that can get you inspired for creating sausage recipes

  1. Eat with peas, mash and gravy
  2. Hot dogs with mustard and sauce
  3. Throw them on the BBQ and eat them with a salad at a party in summer
  4. Put them in a pasta bake
  5. Chop them up and throw them in a cheesy omelette
  6. Stir fry them with Hokkien noodles
  7. Sausage rolls (just add pastry!)

There are many ways to cook sausages and find sausage recipes apart from the traditional ways mentioned above. If you are a lover of sausages and you regularly like to eat them you might enjoy some more ideas on how to get those sausages into more interesting meals. Check out my Turbo Tip sheet: 50 Simple Meal Ideas Using Sausages post.
Got some great sausage recipes you’d like to share? Submit them in comments below.

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