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Save big! Cook with bulk beef mince

by Penina

Buying bulk beef mince is one of the best strategies for saving money at the supermarket. Beef mince is one of the most affordable and versatile dinner recipe ingredients you could include on your weekly shopping list. Here are some quick tips on how you can save with beef mince while enjoying a few cook-free nights each week.

Cook up a batch of meat sauce

  • Buy a 1kg pack of beef mince
  • Every weekend cook up a large batch of meat sauce
  • Let the mix cool down to room temperature
  • Decant the mix into freezable containers
  • Pop them in the freezer

Note: Beware of using cheap plastic containers from $2 shops. They aren’t very sturdy and get knocked around in a freezer. Consider investing in quality Tupperware.
Now you have a ready supply of meat sauce you can pull out, defrost and whip up into quick and easy meals during the week.

Here are a few quick ideas for beef mince dishes

  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Meat lovers pizza
  • Potato top pie
  • Mince subs topped with cheese
  • Mince topped baked potatoes

The benefits of weekend bulk-cooking 

  • Preparing vegetables in one action
  • Freeing up evenings during the week so that your week is less stressful

You can save even more money on meat by buying the cheaper version of mince. Is anyone really going to notice that you have used the non-premium mince?

More ideas for cooking with beef mince

I often add lentils to my meat sauce and not one mouth in my household ever notices. Add two cans of lentils and you might even get away with it. See how far you can go without noticing a real difference in taste or flavour. Test on family and friends!
Stretch out mince with cheeky tricks like this and you’ll have even more money for that holiday away or home deposit.
If you want more recipe ideas for beef mince be sure to check out the benefits of following the Savings Room to access a large array of resources including this great tip sheet: 100 easy dinner ideas using minced beef.
Also consider my Freezer Meals cookbook, which saves you hundreds each month on groceries and features a bulk pack of mince each month.
Have you got great ideas for using up mince? Leave your thoughts in comments below.

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