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Get Organised | 10 things to do by Sunday night

by Penina

Weekends have taken on a new meaning for me now that I’ve written Freezer Meals. No longer are my Saturday mornings or evenings taken up with shopping and hunting down food for my family. I’ve got the kids’ fun food sorted for Friday night and then it’s all relaxation from here on! Yey!
This week during my free evenings I’ve been spending that hour or so, I’d normally spend cooking and washing up, on getting on top of all the other stuff in life.
For example, I’m getting these things done:

Did in front of the telly

  1. Sorting paperwork
  2. School permission slips
  3. Folding laundry

Time with the kids

  1. More cuddles
  2. Spent more time helping with homework
  3. Started playing Tennis with the kids at the local club!

Me time

  1. Actually sat down and read a book
  2. Did some nice pamper treatments
  3. Worked on my novel
  4. Enjoyed finding and posting life hacks for my readers

Now that I’m on top of all the little things in that dinner hour, I thought I’d share with you my personal list of what I usually aim to have done by Sunday night for the fortnight ahead (at a minimum).

Here’s a peak into my life:

10 things to do by Sunday night

  1. Dinners: Sorted for the fortnight and month (Freezer Meals)
  2. School lunches: (Sandwiches) made ahead and frozen for the fortnight
  3. Super juice packs: I juice up to a fortnight’s worth of juices (done in one batch) – I detest cleaning a juicer and prefer to do that job only once in a while!
  4. Cheese: Grated and packaged up for easy use during the week
  5. The fridge: Cleaned out and sparkling on a Saturday morning
  6. Grocery shopping: Any items I need scheduled online for the week ahead to arrive midweek.
  7. Washing: All closed washed and put away (by Sunday midday)
  8. Sheets: New sheets on beds
  9. Bags and notes: Packed for Monday morning
  10. Bills: All bills paid up and papers organised before the week starts

Tip: Here’s what goes into my super juice

  1. Celery
  2. Watermelon
  3. Ginger
  4. Apple
  5. Kale
  6. Lemon

Note: Based on the Green Lemonade juice from the Raw Food Diet
This weekend I’m adding oranges to my super juice. Should be delicious!

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I’ve got plenty of life hacks coming up this weekend. Like my Facebook page to get highly-focused life hacks for making life easier.

Here are two life hacks from today:

  1. Juicing: How to peel an orange fast
  2. Cooking: How to peel an onion without crying


Got some great tips for Sunday night? Share them in comments below.

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