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Save money advice you need to know

by Penina

There are plenty of ways to save. If you want some practical save money advice take heed. Do these small things right now you’ll save hundreds of dollars each year. Yep. These costs sure do add up over time.

Put it in a lunch box

If you work in a job put your lunch in a brown bag. This might seem a hard and time-consuming thought at first. But as you get better organised you’ll find this a huge time and money saver. Keep it simple too. You don’t have to pack your lunch with a hundred ingredients. A simple peanut butter sandwich can do the trick. Other options could also be the cheese and vegemite sandwich you may have taken to school as a kid.

Clean that air filter

A clean air filter can improve your mileage by up to 7%. This can save you up hundreds of dollars over the course of one year. Jump on YouTube and learn how to clean out your car’s air filter for your car’s model. Also keep those car tyres inflated. Your car will not putt along the road and eat up your cash in petrol.

Save money advice on babysitters

Definitely get to know a mum or couple you can trust. Babysitters don’t come cheap so do a swap to give each other a well-earned night off. Consider giving each other a night off each month, so you all having something nice to look forward too. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world and parents do deserve a break. You’ll come back to the kids happy and refreshed.

save money advice

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Get clipping coupons out of the newspaper or find them online. There are thousands of coupon sites available now. Also, before purchasing something online open another window on your browser. Search for a coupon on Google.

Outsource your life online

Time is money. If you are worth more doing something else (like working) consider outsourcing pesky jobs. Check out sites like Airtasker to find contractors who can assist you.

save money advice

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Put some money away

This might seem like the most simple tip of all, but have you set up a direct debit into a savings account. Do that and then set and forget. You’ll have an emergency or Christmas fund set up without noticing.
Got some good save money advice you want to share? Leave your thoughts in comments below.

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