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Saving money at the supermarket | Hot checkout tips

by Penina

Saving money at the supermarket is achieved at every step of the grocery shopping process. Are you a checkout shopaholic? Do you add a magazine, a bar of chocolate or some fresh mints to the pile while waiting in line? If so, this article is for you! There are plenty of tricks to help you avoid throwing away cash at the checkout. These include playing on your phone to avoid temptation and watching the cashiers screen with a keen eye. If you follow these tips you will return home with the warm fuzzy feeling that you didn’t shred more hard earned cash in a random act of checkout-mania!

Play on Facebook while waiting in line!

Use a real person

Auto cashiers put people out of jobs plus you already paid enough for your groceries. Avoid working for supermarkets and use a real person.

Put your blinkers on

Play on your phone. Do anything you can to avoid buying extra items tempting you at the supermarket.

Self-packing help

If you brought three to four sturdy eco-bags along and divided them up into house, pantry, fridge and freezer in your trolley great! You are about to save some serious time. Extract items onto the conveyer belt in order, one bag at a time. Now when the cashier passes them to you, place them back into the bags in that order.Now you will never have to repack the groceries at the counter in store before putting them in your car. When you get home the items are ready to put into your house, pantry, fridge and freezer. No sorting required!

Enjoy a chat but not at your own expense!

Light chatter

Try not to distract cashiers too much. This can cause mistakes on your docket.

Watch the screen

If you are chatting to the cashier at the checkout keep glancing at the screen as items are being rung up. Check each item as it is being scanned.

Check your change

Machines and people make mistakes. Take note of the exact money you handed over and the exact change that is handed back.

Check your receipt

Always check your supermarket receipt for items that might be rung up twice. Do this before you leave the store.

Need more great tips for saving money at the supermarket?

If you need more ways to achieve the goal of saving money at the supermarket download money saving cheat sheets and printables! Use up leftovers, create quick and easy meals, find healthy budget lunch and dinner ideas!

Printables for creating budget meals and weekly menu planning

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