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Shocked by your utility bills? Try this…

by Penina

Energy costs are through the roof.  They rise and fall with the seasons, but generally they’re super high. Are you checking your gas, electricity and water bills and experiencing a sense of shock?

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Don’t worry. You’re sure not alone.
The great news is, you don’t have to take this lying down. You can fight the price hikes by making a conscious effort to get your money back. Aim for happy surprise instead of horror when opening your energy bills.
You don’t even have to do the legwork, because we’ve done it.
Read on to discover a bunch of ways to save money and put some wow in your wallet again while you stay cool and warm.

Get Planting

Natures a beaut invention. The humble tree is a good start. While it might take a little while to get trees going – make a start. These natural wonders are awesome for reducing a home’s energy bill.
The biggest consideration is where to plant them. One of the best spots is actually in front of your AC unit. The more love and shade you give your air con, the less strain you’ll put on it to produce cool air.
Don’t stop there.
Consider planting trees in front of windows that seem to be turning your home into an oven.
Beware: As nursery experts, which tree is best. Root systems can affect a home’s foundations, so make sure you get the best advice.

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Cover windows

These are a fast and instant way to reduce your energy consumption. These beautiful shutters also make your home look modern, quaint or homely depending on your style. Think shutters, block out blinds and sheer blinds for blocking out light. Keep blinds shut on hot days until the cool change comes through. You’ll notice a drastic reduction in heat in the home, which in turn will reduce your AC bill.

Bingo! More savings and dollars in the bank.


Insulation gets overlooked. We made the simple move of putting extra installation in our roof. This has made such a difference that we don’t actually need an air-conditioner. The savings have been incredible.

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One of the main culprits of high utility bills is air-conditioning. Use these tricks for getting to know your AC and reap the rewards in savings.
Don’t set your AC any lower than 25 degrees celsius. Don’t pump that thing at 18 degrees. Most people can hang out happily at 25 degrees. Just step outside on a super hot day and you’ll love the cooler air inside.
Change the filter in your aircon. These can get clogged and restrict airflow. If the filter clogs your AC will have to work harder and will be more expensive to run.

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Head to the basement

If you are lucky enough to have one, use it. Heat rises so, basements are cooler than the rest of your house. Deck your basement out into a happy and inspiring place and somewhere you will want to hang out.

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Live in lower levels

The same goes for lower levels in your home. During super hot days, consider hanging out on the ground floor.

Paddle Pool

Consider purchasing a cheap paddle pool with a filter. Add some chlorine and you and the family will reap the benefits that pools bring on hot days. I purchased mine this year for $49. The whole family can sit in it and it’s been a life-saver. Plus – the kids swam all day while I read magazines.
Paddle pools are great because you can put them away in winter. This avoids the ongoing cost of keeping a pool clean when not in use.

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