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Sleep more and eat well to get richer

by Penina
When people think about financial health, they consider saving money or investments. But did you know financial health is also aligned with physical health?
A recent study from the Business School at Washington University proved this:
People who think about their future finances value their health more. A Duke University study relaxed people do better too. They have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.
Research Solomon Israel reports you change this and here’s what he recommends:

#1: Get More Sleep

Going without sleep is as bad as getting drunk. According to LearnVest, 24 hours of no sleep is the same as a blood alcohol level of 0.1 to 0.2.
This is well above the legal limit!
Strategist Bob Gavlak reports that lack of sleep causes poor financial decision-making. You’ll give into temptation quicker when shopping. People make wrong decisions when they’re tired.

Mops / Pixabay

#2: Eat Better

Nutrition affects finances too. People who eat out often are a prime example. According to the USDA, a family of four spends around $250 on groceries. Of course, it’s a given you’ll spend double on this if you eat out each night.
Oxford University research shows that meals loaded with saturated fat reduces performance. Rats on diets high in saturated fat, suffer short-term memory loss. They also have lower levels of brain function. When weight loss occurs, their brain function returns.
The solution is losing weight and cutting out saturated fat. Products like Isagenix President’s Pak and others support sustained weight loss over time. They also make improve mood, reduce hunger and eating fatty high-priced junk food.
Margaret Cheng, CEO of a wealth management company in Maine recommends calorie control. Fill up on filling low-calorie foods. Spending money on spinach and carrots is great! They’re cheap to buy, healthy and you’ll lose weight.

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Consider these tips and take a step to a happier life.

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