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Take the plunge and save big

by Penina

If you’ve ever been busting to go, you’ll know how inconvenient a blocked toilet is. If you’ve got a good relationship with your neighbour and their home, you’ll be right. But if they’re not home or you’ve neighbours from hell  – you’ll need to take quick action.

Then there’s cost. You can’t knock on your neighbours door every few hours. Nor pop up to Maccas for a quick fix. So you’ll need to get this situation sorted and fast.

Here’s why a broken toilet is a pain:

1. They need immediate attention
2. Water isn’t cheap and a leaky toilet is flushing your money
3. The mess and sounds aren’t pretty
The great news is that you can actually fix your toilet yourself. My hubby tells me an urgent plumber can be around $120 for the house call and then around $60-$80 for the work. So knowing how to fix your toilet is great to know.

Here’s what to do if you want to take the plunge and fix a broken toilet

Do you homework

  • Get familiar with your toilet
  • Know the size and type of the unit
  • Search YouTube for answers

Snufkin / Pixabay

Get the right tools

Next you’ll need to arm yourself with the right tools.
Tip: My hubby even tells me an old mop can work! A mop is big enough to pump water back and forth to clear a blockage. Make sure the mop is old. Buy a mop for the sole purpose of doing this and give it a good rinse in an outdoor tap after.

Broken flush

If this is your toilet’s problem, there’s a solution. A broken flush is repairable by fixing the chain that links the handle to the flapper.
Do this: Remove the lid off the toilet tap. Watch the area where the handle enters the tank. Reattach the chain if it’s disconnected from the handle.
Still not working?
If the chain isn’t broken try shortening the chain instead. Sometime they’re too long and can get tangled in the process. So this is a quick fix.

Source: LeanSixSigMaen

Plunger or Snake!

There’s always the humble plunger. Though my hubby still believes mops work better – but there’s the problem of mess. Plungers are much easier to clean and are for this exact purpose.
Here’s what to do:
Align the cup end of the plunger over the the toilet bowl. Pump the plunger. Yes, this is more dirty work.
The alternative is to use a plumbing snake. Push it down the bowl, unwind it and try to clear the clog. Actively lift the handle of the plunger up and down. This may be a dirty business! Should this not work, try inserting a plumbing snake down the pipe and unwind it down into the toilet to try and clear the clog.

Source: i.ytimg.com

Tip: Live in Perth and have better things to do?
Think about finding a plumber in Perth. Get the problem checked and deal with it.


Here’s what to do if a toilet keeps running or filling up. Your toilet’s flapper may be the culprit. Look inside the tank and see if the flapper is lying flat over the hole running into the toilet bowl. If not, try wiping the base of the flapper to remove any build-up of minerals from the water. If the flapper appears cracked or broken, replace it with a new one to stop leaks. If the flapper is not the problem, check the float ball in the tank. Make sure it isn’t rubbing against the tank walls.
Live in Perth and can’t be stuffed?
If you are looking for a plumber in Perth and need the job fixed at an affordable price by professionals. Check out plumbdog.com.au. They’ve got the tools, time and experience to get this sorted faster.

Source: Bcpssd.com

Seat and Cover

Got a cracked seat or seat cover? Remove the rear bolts at the back base of the seat and replace the damaged components. For any cracks in the bowl or tank itself, replace the toilet.
Go easy on this toilet. Keep it in good nic to avoid any costly future problems.
No more bolts to Maccas or the neighbour’s.
Yay! Job well done…

Source: Dreamstime

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