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    Save money fast in Australia

    by Penina
    by Penina

    Save money fast Australia The Savings Room is Australia’s No.1 Savings Blog with over 25,000+ saving tips and counting. The Savings Room blog has been around since 2011 and there are literally thousands of tips listed on this savvy site. You can save money fast and while on the go. The Savings Room is mobile…

  • It’s funny the things we do without thinking. Don’t worry, I’ve done everything on this list. Now I’m enjoying the savings from heeding my own advice. These 6 money saving tips will explode your mind and the money in your bank account. 1. Avoid buying clothes that are actually rags Secondhand stores can be expensive.…

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    6 top secret tips for successful savings

    by Penina
    by Penina

    There are many reasons to save money like saving for a dream home or a reliable car. But have you thought of the other less obvious reasons for saving money? Here are some reasons that will get you thinking outside the square: Saving money will Lower your stress level Give you independence from others Give…