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We’ve all been there. Summer is a wonderful time of year when we all get to hang out and cut loose. For many Australians, this means a great barbecue and a beer or wine while socializing at that BBQ. But here’s the thing. Many people do like to overindulge (don’t worry I’m guilty!) and this means putting on extra kilos and fast. Others don’t know when to stop and when drinking becomes habits (a regular daily habit) people can, without really noticing, that addiction sets in. If you are after a little detox advice and some awesome ways to reduce the holiday addiction to wine, beer, or your favourite beverage of choice, read on to discover my six quick quit drinking tips.

Quit drinking during winter

It takes 21 days to break a habit. Therefore, it is logical that summer is not the best time to consider giving up drinking. This is simply because it is very difficult over the Christmas and holiday period to find a good three week stretch-of-time where you are not getting invited to a zillion events. So consider quitting drinking during winter. You’ll have endless weeks of no events, and you’ll get the opportunity to have a reprieve from socialising and drinking.

Start exercising

Exercising is by far one of the best ways to give up drinking. This is because exercise puts you in a fantastic frame of mind and shifts your focus. If you start to exercise, you will naturally want to drink less (especially in the evenings mid-week) because exercising is hard if you have a hangover. You will not want to have a hangover because you know this. Overtime your body will crave exercising over alcohol.

Just quit midweek drinking

You don’t have to give up drinking altogether. Drinking is a social lubricant that many people enjoy and used to de-stress. If you simply want to reduce your drinking rather than quitting drinking altogether, consider just cutting down on drinking during the week. That way when you have a nice beverage on a Friday or Saturday night, you will really enjoy it and appreciate it. Plus using this method, if you love a drink, you will have something to look forward to every night of the week.

Replace midweek drinks with mineral water

Consider replacing your evening drink (usually the one you might have while cooking) with a lime soda or diet Ginger Ale. Alcohol addiction is both a sugar addiction and a ‘hold a glass in your hand’ habit. This way you will greatly reduced your craving for alcohol.

Read everything you can about alcohol

Learn as much as you can about alcohol generally. You will be quite shocked by some of statistics and health benefits associated with reducing or quitting drinking. Get a full knowledge on the topic so that you can make informed choices as life goes on.

Watch YouTube videos on how to quit

There are plenty of people who have successfully reduced drinking or quit drinking altogether. Many of these people post their success stories on YouTube. Spend some time watching these videos and you will find instant inspiration on the topic of quitting drinking, as well as valuable tips for making sure you succeed.

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Love to party but hate a hangover? Save your liver with these practical party tips on how to party on, have fun, go crazy but still avoid getting a hangover in the morning by avoiding drinking as much alcohol as you normally would.

How to party hard without getting a hangover. Feel better in the morning!

Avoid salty foods

They make you thirsty. You will drink more.

Watch the clock

Try to drink just one drink per hour. Pace yourself.

Start with a non-alcoholic drink

Let others get ahead of you. Start of slow. Watch the clock and then after about 7.30pm-8.00pm after a little food you can go a little crazy. This way you will drink for less hours.

Organise something to do tomorrow around 9am-10am

If this is in your mind you will probably get yourself to bed a little earlier.

Drink from a can or a bottle

That way you host can’t come and top up your glass with more alcohol. Also if you are trying not to drink at all you can top that beer can up with water!

Keep a bottle of mineral water

If it is in front of you when you are drunk you are likely to take a sip.
Have the odd non-alcoholic drink like a lemon lime bitters between drinks. Have two drinks and then a non-alcoholic drink and so forth.

Keep busy

Hosts always need help. Get in the kitchen. Help the host prep dinner and clean up. This way you will have to put your glass down!

Go into the party with a plan

Write down a plan and what time you will leave the party. E.g I am going to leave the party at 1am. Try it anyway!

Take a selfie

Next time you party hard and wake up with a bad hangover take a photo of yourself and then the next time you go to a party take the picture with you on the phone. It will be a great reminder of why you don’t want to go as hard this time!
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