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Ten ways to get organised while watching TV

by Penina

I love the idea of getting organised while enjoying other pleasures. I admit that I don’t watch much TV but when I do I find myself wanting to catch up on other things to get organised. Here is my little list for staying on top of things and getting more organised while watching a mindless TV show.

1. Fold and sort washing

Washing is definitely a job for the couch! If you do have to sort or fold washing do it in front of the TV.

2. Catch up on emails and sofalise

The ultimate sofaliser accessory is of course the Ipad which makes living on the couch much more interesting. Catch up on emails or share tips via comments or my Facebook page!

3. Organise paperwork

If you are short on time place all the paper that comes into your home into a box. Spend an evening each week sorting your mail into rubbish, calls, admin and out-and-about jobs.

4. Do your grocery shopping

It is cheaper to do groceries online because you can sort by price (find the cheapest fast) and then you don’t get caught up buying a hundred extra items that have been marked at you down those aisles. If you want to free up precious family time shopping online is the way to go. Plus there are no parking issues, screaming kids, coins to be found to get the trolley and hours wasted searching for products in a huge supermarket. Be sure to check out my latest product release too (Freezer Meals) and save up to $400 each month, while you shop from your couch. Win-win!

5. Mend clothes

Now this is old-fashioned but when I think about it I have so many clothes sitting in my closet that I don’t wear because there are buttons missing or the hem is down. Darning is also quite relaxing. So grab a box and start throwing your clothes-to-be-darned and your needle and thread in there, then grab an evening and make your old clothes more useful.

6. Clean the living Room

Later in the evening, clean the lviing room while you are watching your favourite show. Now you won’t have to face this job in the morning before a hectic day.

7. Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments are great to do while watching TV. You could paint your nails, straighten your hair or give yourself a pedicure.

8. Exercise

Put a treadmill or exercise bike in the living room and get working on those kilos while you watch TV. You’ll sleep better too.

9. Shopping Online

If you need to buy a gift or you need something for the home be sure to access great prices by shopping online. If you can’t afford it right now add items to your wishlist at your favourite online shopping stores and still enjoy some shopping fun. It’s nice to dream, anyway…

10. Text messaging

Catch up on text messages to friends and family.
Got some great tips on things you do from your couch? Share them in comments below!

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