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This Colour-Coded Rainbow Bookshelf Will Find Your Books

by Penina

Forget the old school way of sorting books. A-Z is good but if you want to bling your bedroom, study or office at the same time, consider colour-coding your books.

This is a simple trick I implemented in my home. I realised that I will always remember the colour of a book, but not necessary the name or Author. Enter the awesome solution of colour-coding or otherwise known as the rainbow bookshelf.

How to turn your bookshelf into a piece of art

  1. Remove all the books for the shelf. (I threw mine on the bed in sections).
  2. You can use a colour wheel to make the colours blend into eachother if desired.

Job done! This took me a couple of hours on a Saturday between a zillion other jobs. But now – everytime I look at my books I get a little warm moment of satisfaction and happiness. Plus! It is summer and time to get into some reading and now I can find any book I need and easily put it back in the spot it came from.

Nice one mum.

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