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Training | 4 hot tips for saving staff morale

by Penina

Learning and development are an essential part of any high performing, functional workplace. They are also an essential component to keeping employees engaged and happy. While it is true that employees are there to make a living, it may surprise you to learn that wages typically don’t top the list of what people like about going to work. Motivated, happy staff typically report that having access to training, having accomplishments celebrated and opportunities to expand their skillset are what ultimately drive them to continue to achieve and succeed at work.
Read on to find out how coaching and development can help keep your staff feeling good about the work that they do. For more employee engagement and training tips, visit training sites such as www.axcelerate.com.au to get the ball rolling.

Conduct a survey

When was the last time your organisation asked your employees what they think or feel about working for you? If it’s been a little while, or you are sensing that there might be some discontent, now is the time to check in with your team. External, independent surveys are the best practice however if you decide to manage the process in house you should attempt to provide anonymity for your staff so that they feel they can be candid in their responses.

Check in with staff regularly

If you’re not already conducting regular one on one meetings with staff, now is the time to start. Regular, informal coaching where you discuss their strengths and accomplishments and work together on a tangible action plan for areas where improvements could be made are invaluable to keeping employees engaged and satisfied.

Measure and monitor

When it comes to guiding a team to success, you need to have data. Whether you’re introducing a new process or trying to break an old habit, staff often respond better if they understand why you are doing something. Having the facts and figures to support your training and development initiatives will help to give buy in and increase the likelihood that what you are trying to do will be embraced by your employees.

Engage professionals

While a robust in-house training and learning system is essential, try to change things up and increase the effectiveness of courses and coaching sessions by hiring professionals to assist or facilitate. It doesn’t always have to be a trainer either – why not consider getting a local identity or inspirational member of the community to come and impart some of their wisdom on your team?
When it comes to guiding and coaching your staff to success, involving them in the process and ensuring that there is an emphasis on improvement are of paramount importance. Most staff actually want and will embrace change when they can see that there is a benefit for them and their working conditions. Many of these ideas can be easily and instantly implemented into any workplace for instant impact without needing a large training or development budget.
What is your best tip for ensuring that employees stay happy and motivated?

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