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If you a mum and you are out there facing the mad crowds, while also juggling the multitude of events the end of the year brings this one’s for you. Here’s a list of some quick ways you can pamper yourself while on the run so you can have more fun!

New playlist or album for drives in the car

Mums spend a lot of time in the car, so a great way to rejuvenate is with a brand new playlist. Before heading out for more shopping, be sure to create a great playlist you can bop or sing along to in the car. This will make journeys too and fro, oh so more fun.

A Maccas icecream – cheap but satisfying

I do love a Maccas soft serve cone once in a while for the simple fact – sugar, price and I don’t have to get out of my car. I’ll enjoy in total peace while I sit by the beach and watch the birds fly by. There’s nothing like a beach and ice-cream to gain perspective in the madness.

A delicious donut and coffee at the mall while you take a break

What’s life is you can’t indulge in a coffee now and then. I head for the shops that offer the coffee, donut deals. My local mall has great tables with kids iPads under them. So if  I happen to be out with my 5 year old, she can have a play while I relax.

Cut-price mall neck massage

Massages in malls are very affordable and they don’t take much time out of a mum’s day. Give yourself a break before or after shopping so you can enjoy a massage without worrying about leaving your trolley at the door!

Get your nails or lashes done while out shopping

With Christmas day and special holiday events coming pop into a salon and get your nails done. If you want to feel really pretty consider getting some volume lashes. Or do both! Life is short and you deserve a break after a long year.

A quick haircut and smart new look

If you’re not too precious you could pop into a budget salon and get a trim or even a totally new look. Haircuts are always a great pick-me-up for tired mums.

Pop into Myer and spray yourself with a delicious perfume

This one’s totally free. Take a moment to sample all the lovely new perfumes on the market. You’ll emerge smelling well…lovely and you’ll probably turn some heads with your scent!

Massage chair at the mall for $2

Don’t be embarrassed – jump on one of these. For the cut price of $2 a massage doesn’t get much cheaper and you’ll rejuvenate those worn out muscles!

A new pair of earrings

If you’re like me and your kids get into your stuff, why not invest in a few new cute pairs of earrings. They’ll make you feel pretty.

Coffee with a friend

If you are planning a shopping trip why not meet up with a friend while there? Do this before shopping and you’ll get some great shopping tips from your friend too! Mothers are great for learning tips and tricks on the run.

Visit the chocolate shop

Yeah, do it. Sneak into the chocolate shop and buy something indulgent. You only live once.

Sneak away to the movies

Sometimes it takes ‘all day’ to do Christmas shopping – not. See my article ‘How to Smash Out Christmas In Under an Hour” and then head to the movies for a relaxing afternoon. Watch a nice movie and relish in the quiet and all that space – just for you.

Spa at the local recreation centre

If you can get away visit your local recreation centre and have a sauna, spa and steam room experience. For about $5.50 or so, you’ll feel amazing.

Lunch at a gallery

Galleries always provide such inspiration and are a nice place to rejuvenate. If you are near a gallery visit one for a coffee or take a friend along.

Candles and soaps

Finally, purchase some nice smelling candles and soaps. Take them home and put them in the bathroom or around the house – so you can bring all that relaxation back with you.
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