Does Valentine’s day make you want to love more?

Valentine’s Day is a big marketing event. Just venturing to a store this week and you will see love everywhere. Whether you are grocery shopping or shopping for a couch, there will be no escaping the marketing that is out there. There are usually two kinds of people on Valentine’s Day. The ones that embrace it and the one’s that just don’t. Then there are the couples who are singles and that’s a whole other story.

My question is: Does Valentine’s Day make you want to love more?

Let’s take a look.

You don’t have to get sucked into Valentine’s Day

Firstly, you don’t have to get sucked into the whole Valentine’s Day promotion thingy. This is just another daily year that supermarkets are stores try to take your money.

A reminder love is in the room or not

However, Valentine’s Day does remind us that love is in the room or maybe not in the room, depending on your situation. And that is why Valentine’s Day can be both good and bad for so many people all at once.

It’s just another day of the year

While many people treat Valentine’s Day as just another day of the year, perhaps you could take a little time this year to celebrate love. On other other hand, if you happen to be in a loving relationship then good for you! Go nuts. If you’re single be sure to hang out this week for some of my tips on what to do on Valentine’s Day if you happen to be minus a partner this year.

Remember this: There’s no pressure in life to have a partner. There are many people who live amazingly fruitful and happy lives as solo agents. People always seem to want what they can’t have. There is no perfect scenario. If people act perfect– they are probably lying.

It can be an excuse to do something cool

I love a great party and I treat Valentine’s Day as just another excuse to have one. I’m not sure Valentine’s Day makes me want to love more, but it does put me in a great mood for loving everything I cherish or have. I think it’s all those chocolate hearts and decorations I see that brighten up all the shops. This is not such a bad thing but, in fact, can be very uplifting!

Finally, there are two more reasons Valentine’s Day is great:

· It’s a great excuse to have a night off the kids

· It’s nice to do something nice for someone else

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