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6 cheap date ideas that will actually make her happy

by Penina

Sometimes men think that they need to spend a lot of money on a woman to create an amazing romantic experience. However, women are simpler than you might think. Here are some cheap date ideas that will actually make a woman happy without too much effort.

Dinner on the beach

If you love the beach or live near the beach, consider organising a simple picnic. Invite your loved one down to the beach. Lay out some beautiful candles, flowers, cheese and crackers platter and a delicious bottle of champagne to share. Watch the sunset and enjoy some simple quality time together. Talk about plans for the future and discuss some great ideas of how your life together is going to be amazing. These little conversations about the future off to materialize as they tend to set themselves in your respective subconscious minds.

A picnic on the porch or deck

Likewise, you can also organise a simple picnic on the porch or deck. This is an even better idea because you will have the kitchen at your disposal. You can also enjoy a few beverages without actually leaving home. The porch is a nice way to step out of the house without spending too much money. She’ll still feel loved and special and that is the goal.

Groupon dinner at a fancy restaurant

I do love Groupon for cheap dinners out. Purchase vouchers and enjoy an evening out. If you don’t like crowds, you might enjoy cashing in on your vouchers on a weekend other than Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day can get very crowded but the idea of spending time together is still there. So don’t worry if you plan your special event for a weekend either side of Valentine’s day. Don’t get sucked into the marketing at supermarket and stores. Love should be special every day of the year. Making the effort in a relationship really pays off.

Red wine and cheese platter in the garden

The back garden is a wonderful for setting up an amazing dinner on a table with candles all picnic on the grass. Consider doing what I did one year extra large silky black piece of material over the hills hoist and create a restaurant outdoors. Hang lanterns inside, add music and you’ll have yourself a beautiful restaurant in your backyard without much effort. Your lover will be very impressed!

Drinks at a live music event

Also check out local bars and events that might be available on Valentine’s Day or around that time of the year. There is nothing nicer than listening to listening to live music while enjoying some quality time with your partner. Live music events always make for wonderful memories when you look back in the future. You’ll talk about events like these many years from now.

Create a ‘restaurant’ at home

Finally, consider staying at home and in your dining room. Google ‘restaurants’ in Google images and grab some ideas for creating the same restaurant ambience at home. Create a menu and sticky labels for wine bottles and soon you’ll have a creative way of bringing the restaurant to your partner at a fraction of the price. You could even give your restaurant and name and switch outfits between partner and waiter! Now that sounds like fun!

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