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Ways to save time by creating more of the stuff

by Penina

Time is a trick. It can run away from you as fast as a wayward supermarket trolley. I admit that as a writer I am easily distracted. For example, the simple task of paying my bills online can land me on weird and wonderful websites and at interesting blogspots like this one http:// soulofabreadmachine.blogspot.
A simple trip past the television to pick up my child’s socks can result in watching a fascinating study of Meer Kats in the Wild. (I admit Saxon does do a great impression of a Meer Kat.) This week I am reading a fabulous book called Goddess. Be the Woman you Want to Be by Elizabeth Wilson.

Elizabeth discusses the Rotation Method of managing time

The idea is that you set four tasks and then work on them alternately for 10, 20 and 30 minutes each. Repeat this method until the cycle is over. This method forces you to understand where your time goes and how easy it is to lose time in the day. I have gained so much from this method of working my newsletter is out a half day early this week and I am taking the afternoon off! Good for you and me!

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