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When The Pain Just Won’t Go Away

by Penina

Painful teeth can be a sign of bigger underlying problems.  Ignoring dental issues can complicate the issue if left unchecked. Visit a reputable dentist to get the problem dealt with as soon as possible.
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There are many causes of painful teeth. Some are more treatable than others. The sooner they are looked at the better.

Causes Of Painful Teeth

As people age, their teeth become looser and are more susceptible to moving around in the gum line. This movement can cause inflammation or ulcers.
Eating food which is high in sugar and failing to maintain proper hygiene can lead to tooth decay. Decay will cause holes in your teeth and can make eating and brushing painful. It is important to reduce your sugar intake. Also brush each morning and night to prevent plaque the build-up of plaque.
Damaged nerves can cause discomfort. Pain from a damaged or infected nerve in the gum can spread to the entire mouth.

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Smokers are susceptible to ulcers. This affects the gum line or roof of the mouth. These ulcers can become infected and painful.
Many people grow a third set of molars known as wisdom teeth. These teeth usually appear in the gum line from teenage years throug to late twenties. Wisdom teeth can interfere with the alignment of other teeth and cause problems. Wisdom teeth may also press down on nerves which can be painful.
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Tooth Extraction

A dentist may suggest removing painful teeth.  This might be to stop them from becoming infected or interfering with other teeth. The dentist will remove the root to reduce the risk of infections. Gums can become tender after the extraction. Patients must be careful when eating or brushing after this procedure.

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Implants and Replacement Teeth

If teeth become damaged and painful, then it may be time to consider dental implants. Dental implants are metal screws fixed in the gum line after removal of the original tooth and root. It takes up to six months for the implants to settle. A replacement tooth is then placed on top. Implants can be expensive, so make sure to have enough money set aside before any surgery takes place.

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Crowns and Veneers

Crowns and veneers are ‘caps’ on teeth which may have become chipped or broken. Crowns and veneers make eating more of a comfortable experience.

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Root Canal Surgery

When an infected root is causing pain, root canal surgery may be necessary. This procedure completely removes the infected root. The remaining tooth is capped to protect the hollow cavity.

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Seek help from an emergency dentist if you experience severe dental pain.

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