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Why Brick Fences Are A Win-Win

by Penina

Don’t underestimate the power of a brick fence for your home. If you are building or renovating, listen in to this secret:
A brick fence is one of the fastest ways to achieve security, privacy and add value all at once. 
Brick fences are not just more durable than cane or bamboo, for example. They’re also cost effective in the long term.
For internal fences around your garden, consider hedge rows or thin steel metallic fences. But for security around your house, brick fences are an excellent option.
Image Source: Custom Brick Fences

Why would you choose brick fences for your home?

They are easy to maintain

Natural brick has its own colour.  But bricks also comes in a variety of bright or neutral colours to make your fence work with the colour scheme. They’re also easy to maintain and chemical proof. This keeps insects, mildew or rot at bay is easy.
Don’t get me wrong, hedges are pretty too. But there’s a lot of work in pruning and maintaining them. If you like a low maintenance home and you are time poor, a brick fence is a better option.

Brick fences give you privacy

A tall brick fence also creates ultimate privacy. They immediately put outsiders at bay, as they can’t peep or pry into your life. Most houses opt for brick fences that are roughly 6 feet high. Your property and garden will be well safeguarded.

They are pleasing to the eye

Brick fences look great creating a more expensive and grand home. You will up the resale value of your property by installing a brick fence. Consider a combination of brick and stone fences. This tricks makes a house look even more grand when a visitor enters.

Image Source: Custom Brick Fences

Image Source: Custom Brick Fences

They are weather-resistant

Unlike steel or aluminium fences, brick fences aren’t affected by weather conditions. They last a long time and give you ultimate value- -for-money. When you install a brick fence, it is heat, rain and cold resistant. Your fence will last even longer, if you apply a coat of weather shield treatment to it.

They are cost-effective

Looking for cost-effective home improvement options? Brick fences incur zero excess costs and doesn’t need excess maintenance. The cost of maintaining a brick fence is much less than a metallic or wooden fence, for example.

They’re customisable

If you want to install brick fences around your home, there are plenty of custom options. Consult brick fencing experts to learn how to create straight or even diagonal patterns. Choose experts who have know the right fencing equipment. For example, a rusty colours or earthy tone may suit your home better.
Image Source: Custom Brick Fences
If you want a more contemporary fence, then you can try out these coloured brick fences. If you have a light coloured house, then dark coloured fences will suit your home. You can use light orange and pastel yellow shades of brick if you are after a neutral theme.
It is important to choose brick fencing experts who are reputable. Makes sure you read their reviews and get samples of their work. Always use trade qualified professionals. Make sure they’ve been in the industry a while with samples of quality workmanship.

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